l       Personal Data

Name: Du Zhengzhen

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Oct. 2, 1976

Nationality: P. R. China

l       Education:

Doctor of  Philosophy in History, 8/2001-8/2005, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Master of Philosophy in History, 9/1998-7/2001, The Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

Bachelor of Art in History, 9/1994-7/1998, The Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.


l        Publications

n             “The Rise and Fall of Shanghai’s City Walls: Function and Symbolism”, Historical Research No.6,2004.


n             Cultural Transformation and the Construction of Local Tradition in Zezhou PrefectureShanxi Provincefrom Song to Yuan, Journal of History and Anthropology, Volume4, No. 1, April 2006.


n             “Cunshe” and the Gentry in Ming and Qing Times: Institutional Transformation in Rural Society of Shanxi Province’s Zezhou Prefecture, Shanghai: Shanghai lexicographical publishing house, 2007.


n             The Comparative History of the Merchants in Zhejiang and Shanxi in Ming and Qing, Beijing: China Social Science Press, 2008.



l      Curriculums


1、 The Everyday Life in the Traditional Time and Space Ideas in Ancient China

2、 Selected Readings of Overseas Chinese Study

3、 Social History in Traditional China

4、 The Lecture of the Chinese History