Wang Bohua, male, born in 1955, graduated from Department of Physical Education of the former Hangzhou University,and the Graduate Division of Beijing Institute of Physical Education Department ,Master of Education; former employee of the Department of Physical Education, Hangzhou University, Department of gymnastics teacher, Associate Professor, Master Instructor, now working in Zhejiang University College of Physical Education , Associate Professor, Master Instructor, part-time Zhejiang Province Gymnastics Association ,research professional committee director, national gymnastics judge. 
      I participated in the"Physical Fitness of Children aged 3-6 Zhejiang Monitoring the system" issues,organized by Science and Technology Department,Zhejiang Province, chaired the Zhejiang Province Sports Bureau's "Current Situation and Gymnastics in the Sustainable Development Strategy", "Zhejiang Province Development of urban sports and Countermeasures ", sub-topics of the provincial body to monitor," National Physical Fitness, Taizhou City", Zhejiang Gymnastics Management Center", Provincial Games gymnastics competition research project ",Training Research of Zhejiang competitive gymnastics preparing for Eleventh National Games "and other issues ,involved in research and completed the writing job of"training research report of Zhejiang categories amateur gymnastics " . In the "Sports Science", "China Sports", "Beijing Sports University", "Zhejiang sports science," "Physical Education" and other periodicals,I published dozens of papers, representative of :“Countermeasure Research on Current Situation and Sustainable Development of Gymnastics in Zhejiang”、“Research on Gymnastics Textbooks for Physical Education Specialty of Colleges and Universities since Establishment of PRC”、“A Brief Study of Teaching Course of Gymnastic Movement and Progressive Type”、“Training of Gymnastic Movements Needed to Examine in Entrance Examination for Physical Education into Colleges and Universitis”,and organized the compilation of the "basic gymnastics" materials.Since in physical education teaching, I has been teaching undergraduate and specialist courses ,such as gymnastics, basic gymnastics, swimming, sports, teaching methods and means, Sports Competition, sports training and educational practice, also serveing as graduate teaching programs, such as gymnastics teaching materials and methods, gymnastics teaching theory and methods, sports competitions introduction.
Research work

My main field of study is physical education, training and competitions, curriculum development, covering school sports, sports, health and sports-related content.