Wang Bin, born in Shanghai in 1951.He graduated from Fudan University, receiving a PH. D. in economics.In 1995 and 1989, he went to Japan twice, as a visiting scholar in international collaborative research for two years.He is a professor of economics school of Zhejiang University, and a director of institute of industrial Economics of Zhejiang University. From the early 90's ,he has been published more than 10 academic works.The representatives are: "Industrial structure in the  the Waves of East Asian Industrialization, " (Hangzhou University Press, 1997); "Introduction to International Regional Industrial Structure", (Shanghai Joint Publishing, "Library of Contemporary Economics," 2001 edition ); "International Research on the Contemporary industrial Structure in the Wave of Globalization", (China Social Sciences Press, 2004); "Chinese industry: the status of the international division of labor and the strategic restructuring" (Guangming Daily Publishing House, 2006 edition). Translation of "Land Economics" (Commercial Press, 1997 edition) and so on. Meanwhile,he published more than 70 articles in the domestic academic journals. He has taken charge of nearly 20 research projects at all kinds of level,such as  the National Social Science Fund, international cooperation, Zhejiang Social Science Fund, local government and other research. Six provincial and ministerial level scientific research prizes have been obtained.. I also serves as vice chairman of China Institute of Industrial Economics, member of Zhejiang Province Marxism Association. Currently I have engaged in the fields of research, which mainly are  the modern industrial economy theory and policy, international industrial economy, industry and regional economic, industrial and institutional Evolutionary, industrialization of developing countries and East Asian economic development, and so on.

Research work

1, Industrial Economic Theory and Policy 2, Industry and Regional Economy 3, Industrial and Institutional Evolutionary