• Ph.D. (1990) Manufacturing Engineering , Zhejiang University, China
• M.S. (1984) Manufacturing Engineering , Zhejiang University, China
• B.S. (1981) Mechanical Engineering, Central South University, China

• 2015 June – Present
Professor and Department Head of Industrial Engineering, ZJU
• 2013 July – Present
Associate Director of Professor committee, College of Mechanical Engineering, ZJU
• 2012 January – 2015 May
Acting Director of the Center of Industrial Engineering, ZJU
Deputy Head of the Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, ZJU
• 1998 August – 2015 May
Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, ZJU
• 1992 August – 1998 July
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, ZJU
• 1987 January – 1991 December
Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering Department, ZJU
• 1984 November – 1986 December
Assistant Teacher of Mechanical Engineering Department, ZJU
• 1994 February – 1995 May
Visiting Scholar, Manufacturing Engineering, Stuttgart University/FhG-IPA, Germany

• 1999 January – Present
Member of Editor Board of Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science), 01/1999-present
• 2001 August – Present
Associate Editor-in- Chief of Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (China)
• 2014 October – Present
Guest Editor of Special Volume on "Advanced Manufacturing for Sustainability and Low Fossil Carbon Emissions" of the Journal of Cleaner Production
• 2013 April
Organization Committee Member for the 6th International Conference of Design and Manufacturing for Sustainable Development (04/2013, Hangzhou, China);
• 2003 July – Present
Executive member of the council of Chinese Industrial Engineering Institute (China)
• 2010 June – Present
Member of Sino-UK Consortium for Low-Carbon Manufacturing
• 2012 Match– Present
Member of EPSRC Sustainable Global Manufacturing Network Meeting

Courses developed taught at ZJU
• “Lean Manufacturing and Process Management” (for Graduate)
• “Lean Thinking and Industrial Engineering”(for Undergraduate)
• “Automated Manufacturing Systems” (for Undergraduate)
• “Basics of Industrial Engineering”(for Undergraduate)


• Energy Efficiency Evaluation
• Sustainable Manufacturing
• Lean Manufacturing
• Intelligent Manufacturing
• Manufacturing Information Systems


• Principal Investigator, Sino-UK collaborative project “Building Eco- Innovation Capacities for Car Component Manufacturing Sector in Zhejiang Province”(2009-2011)
• Principal Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China “Energy Consumption Modeling of Machining Processes with Intelligent Computing”(2012-2015)
• Principal Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China “Lean Dashboard Techniques for Workshop Production Systems ”(2007-2009)
• Investigator, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 program) “Research and Application of Design Techniques and Tools for High Energy consumption Equipment based on Life Cycle ”(2013-2015).


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10. Lv, J.-X., R.-Z. Tang, et al. Methodology for calculating energy consumption of a machining process, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 472-475 (2012) : 2736-2743

PATENTS (Selected)
1. Tang, R.Z., Jia, S, Tang, W.D., Lv, J.X., An interactive method of energy consumption evaluation for production processes, ZL201010595186.1(China patent)
2. Tang, R.Z. , Lv, J.X., Jia, S., An acquisition method of non-cutting energy consumption for main transmission system of Numerical Control Lathers, ZL201210240326.2 (China patent)
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8. Tang, R.Z. , Hu, L.K., The energy consumption acquisition and energy save method for order executing processes, CN201410235001.4 (Accepted China patent)

Research work

Industrial Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Process Management, Low carbon Manufacturing