Curriculum Vitae
Fang Li, Msc, Researcher of Ornamental Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Breeding
Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology,Zhejiang University (China)
Tel&Fax: +86-571-81853630; Email:
Tertiary Education        
Master    Agriculture Extension(Ornamental Horticulture), Zhejiang University   2001-2004
Bachelor   Landscape Architecture, Zhejiang University   1999-2002
Working Experiences
Deputy Director  National Center for Experiment Teaching of Undergraduate,
                         College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University 2009.9
Researcher(Experimental Technique)    ZhejiangUniversity                     2010.12
Senior Technician                                ZhejiangUniversity                     2002.122010.12
Technician                                          ZhejiangUniversity                     1998.92002.12
Assistant Technician                            ZhejiangAgricultureUniversity     1993.91998.9
Experimentalist                                    ZhejiangAgricultureUniversity     1985.91993.9
Present Research Areas
·          Ornamental Horticulture (Flower Tissue Culture and Genetic Breeding)
·          Floral Design and Bonsai
Selected Publications (*corresponding author)
(1)    Li F, Fu CX, Xia YP, Xu BY. Classificatin studies of a novel variety “Jewellery in the yellow sea ”of Subgen Camellia.Journal of Zhejiang UniversityAgriculture and Life Sciences2001,275:551-555
(2)Li F, He FC, Xia YP, Feng J. Development and application of CAI courseware of floral desgin.High Agricultural Education,2001,121:54-56
(3)    Li F,Xia YP,Ren J,Pan L. Tissue culture and propagation of Ficus pumila.Plant Physiology Communications,2000,363:228
(4)    Li F, Chen KS, Chen HT, Xia YP. Aseptic seeding of interspecific hybridization seed from “Huilan”(Cymbidium faberi)and “Tailan”(C.floribundum var. pumilum) orchids.Journal of Zhejiang Agricultural University ,1998,241:69-73
(5)    Li F, Wu LG, Jiang ZQ. Floral design of tea ceremony,A Collection of Papers on The First Chinese Flower Arrangement and Floral Design Forum,China Forestry Press2009203-207
(6)Zhang YQ,Li F,Guo YP,Chen KS. Assessment of senescence of cut flowers in Crysanthemum morifolium L. as judged from chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of leaves on the same shoot .Journal of Zhejiang UniversityAgriculture and Life Sciences,2005,316:683~688
(7)    Chen KS, Li F, Xu CJ, Zhang SL,Fu CX. An efficient macro-method of genomic DNA isolation from Actinidia chinensis leaves.Hereditas2004,264:529-531
(8)    Huang Y, Li F*, Xiao YP , Chen KS. Scent profiling of Cymbidium ensifolium by electronic nose.scientia horticulturae,2011,1283:306-310
(9)    Huang Y, Li F*, Chen KS. Analysis of diversity and relationships among Chinese orchid cultivars using EST-SSR markers.Biochemical Systematics and Ecology,2010,38(1):93-102
(10)Huang Y, Li F*, Cai ML ,Xiao YP , Chen KS. Chromosome ploidy and related enzyme activities of Cymbidium goeringii rhizome treated by 60Co γ-rays, Journal of Nuclear Agricultural Sciences,2009,236:971-975
(11)International Registration:Cymbidium faberi×Cymbidium floribundum var.pumilum, Grexepithet (1st choice): Cymbidium ZJU Flush Beauty,Registrant: Fang Li, Originator: Fang Li, Hantao Chen, Royal Horticultural Society of UK,2012
(12)Li F.Flower Arrangement and Floral Design,Undergraduated textbook, Zhejiang University Press,1999
(13)Li F.Flower Arrangement and Appreciation,Multimedia teaching materials,Zhejiang Electronic and Audio-Video Publishing House,2001
(14)Li F. Florist floral design series,A total of 5 booksZhejiang University Press,2003
Bouquet and Flower Basket Design,Festival Floral Design,Wedding Floral Design,Environmental Floral Design,Simulation of Floral Design
(15)Li F. Garden flower practice audio-visual materials series, A total of 4 DVD ,Zhejiang Electronic and Audio-Video Publishing House,2007
Floral Desgin from Taiwan,Bonsai Design and Appreciation,Modern Flower Seedling Technology,Chinese Orchid Tissue Culture Technology


Research work

Ornamental Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Breeding;Floral Design;Bonsai


Phone:+86 571 81853630