Dr. Weiwen Zhang obtained PhD from Zhejiang University and is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Public Affairs of Zhejiang University. She was a visiting scholar at the Department of Applied Economics and Management of Cornell University from 2007-2008, also at the Earth Institute of Columbia University from 2011 to 2014. Her research mainly focuses on urban economics and management, land economics and policy, environmental economics and policy. In recent years, she has been taking charge of 8 projects, including project at National Natural Science Foundation of China, subtopics of the National Basic Research Program (973) Program, National Sci-Tech Support Program and National Social Science Foundation Major Project. She has also taken over 5 projects from Zhejiang Social Science Planning Project, Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation Project and Ministry of Land and Resources among other provincial and departmental level topics. Dr. Zhang has published over 30 articles on domestic and international journals such asLand Economics, Land Use Policy and Management World. She has also published one book and participated in editing and translating 6 books.






Research work

Urban Economics and Management; Land Economics and Policy, Environmental Economics and Policy