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Dr. Weiwen Zhang is Professor and Vice Dean of the School of Public Affairs (SPA) and Founding Director of the Center for New Urbanization at Zhejiang University (ZJU). 

Prior to her current appointment in 2017, she was Assistant Dean of SPA in charge of international affairs from 2014 to 2016, Head of Department of Urban Development and Management 2016-2017, and Deputy Director of Institute of Land Sciences and Real Estate 2009-2014.

During 2011-2014, Dr. Zhang was an adjunct research scholar of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, meanwhile, she served as a coordinator of ZJU in New York City. She helped to recruit high talents for her University and devoted to build bridges between ZJU and US universities. In September 2013, a Joint Zhejiang-Columbia Workshop on Earth Sciences and Sustainable Development was held in Hangzhou upon her sponsored and co-organized, which attracted ten professors from Columbia University including a double academician. She was a visiting scholar at the Department of Applied Economics and Management of Cornell University from 2007-2008.

Dr. Zhang holds a PhD on Agricultural Economics and Management from Zhejiang University. Her researches focus on urban management and land institution, urban environmental management and sustainable development. In recent years, she has been taking charge of 8 national-level projects, including projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, subtopics of the National Basic Research Program (973), National Sci-Tech Support Program and National Social Science Foundation, etc.. Dr. Zhang has been a consultant to several government organizations including the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, and to private companies such as Vanke. 

Dr. Zhang’s research has been published in domestic and international journals such as Land Economics, Land Use Policy, City Planning Review, and Management World. She has also published one book and participated in editing and translating 6 books. She has been awarded the First Prize for Outstanding Achievement by Ministry of Land and Resources, P.R.C and Second Prize for Science and Technology Award at Zhejiang Province. 

She currently serves as council member for the Chinese Society for Urban Studies; Vice Chair, Committee for Urban Management Major, Regional Science Association of China; Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Public Administration; and Executive President of Zhejiang Research Association on Townships with Distinctive Characteristics.

Research work

urban management and land institution, urban environmental management and sustainable development