Xu Jianping (许建平), male, born in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province in December 1963. He received from Hangzhou University a Bachelor degree of history science and a Master degree of bibliography in 1985 and 1988, respectively, and a Ph.D. degree of history science from Lanzhou University in 2006. From 1987 to 1994, he taught at the Chinese literary faculty of Hangzhou Normal College. Since May 1994, he has been teaching at the Ancient Books Research Institute of Hangzhou University (after 1997, it was integrated as part of Zhejiang University). Mr. Xu was promoted as Assistant Professor in 1996 and Professor in 2006. In 2007, he was qualified as Ph.D director. His professional titles include: Council member in Institute of Dunhuang in China; Vice president and Secretary-general in Dun-huang Studies Association of Zhejiang Province; Council member in Linguistics Association of Zhejiang Province ; Visiting professor in Taiwan Soochow University (from Sep. 2009 to Jan. 2010). Mr. Xu currently teaches Ancient Chinese languagePhonologyIntroduction of documentary classicsDocumentary bibliographyEpigraphy and his academic interests lie in Dun-huang StudiesConfucian classicsExegesis study. Mr. Xu has published a series of books and papers, including Text Research on Dunhuang Manuscripts (《敦煌文献丛考》)The Bibliography of Confucian Classics from Dunhuang (《敦煌经籍叙录》)Compilation of Confucian Classics from Dunhuang (《敦煌经部文献合集》)(work with other ones)Dunhuang Yin Yi Hui Kao (《敦煌音义汇考》)(work with other ones). He has issued more than 50 papers on some magazines such as Wen Shi (《文史》).

Research work

Studies of Dunhuang;Studies of Ancient classical texts;Study of Critical Interpretation of Ancient Texts