1996-1999     Vrije Universiteit Brussel

                         Doctor courses Learning & Research

1991-1991     The Bank of China Group Training and

 Development Centre in Hongkong

 Trained: Trade Settlement and Finance

1988-1990     Oklahoma City University

                         Majoring : Finance and Accounting

                         Degree : M.B.A

Summer 1987  EEC Summer School at Nankai University

                           Trained : International Trade

1981-1985     Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

                        Major in International Finance

                        Degree : Bachelor of Economics




2000- till now  Associate Professor at School of Economics,

Zhejiang University, Instructor of Graduate Students, Deputy Director of Wan-Lin Kiang International Financial Research Center

2002-2006    Chairman and General Manager, Qiushi Economic and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University

2000-2001    Senior Consultant, Guangdong Development Bank Hangzhou Branch

1995-1996    Department Manager, Beijing New Century International Leasing Corporation

1990-1995    Economist, Teaching & Research on Banking Theory at Bank of China Training Centre

1985-1988    Assistant Economist, Working at International

Settlement and Accounting Department, Bank of

China Tianjin Branch





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Research work

Finance,Art Economy