Sun Yuantao
School of Education
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, China
148 Tianmushan Road
Fax: (86)0571-88273656
Biographical Information
China Citizen
Doctor of EducationFoundation of Education, East China Normal University, 2008.
Master of EducationFoundation of Education, Qufu Normal University, 2001.
Bachelor of Arts, Qufu Normal University, 1998.
Academic Positions
2011-2013  visiting scholar    Indiana University, USA
2010-                    associate professor,  School of Education, Zhejiang University
2008-2010    Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Education, Zhejiang University
2001-2005    Assistant Professor, School of Education, Qufu Normal University
Honors and Awards
Excellent Doctoral Thesis Prize of Shanghai, Board of Education of Shanghai, 2009
First Prize of Education, Social and Medical Science Research Paper Awards, Union of 12 famous Universities in China, 2008
Intelligent Scholarship of East China Normal University, East China Normal University, 2007
Excellent graduate Scholarship, East China Normal University, 2006
National Education Science Planning Project, “the Influence of U-S Partnership on the Transformation of Teachers’ Learning Styles” , 2009
Humanities Research Project of the Ministry of Education, “Academic, System, &scholars: Educational Scholars and China Educational Research in Academic System”, 2009
Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of Zhejiang Province, “Re-exploring Development Space of Educational Research in China: An Inquiry and Demonstration about Educational Scholars Intervening Educational Practice”, 2009
SUN Yuantao. An Inquiry and Demonstration about Educational Scholars Intervening Educational PracticeChongqing University Press, 2009.
Main Articles in Scholarly Journals
SUN Yuantao. An Argumentation for the Rationality of Educational Scholar s Intervention into PracticeJournal of Educational StudiesJanuary 2009.
SUN Yuantao. A reconsideration of Herbart’s idea of “educative teaching”, Global Education, February 2009.
SUN Yuantao. A strategic thinking of the scientific development of China basic education, Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, March 2009
SUN Yuantao. On Cultivation of "Reform Culture" in Primary and Middle School, Research in Educational Development, April 2009.
SUN Yuantao. A Multidimensional Analysis of Teachers Resistance to Reform, Research in Educational Development, August 2009 
SUN Yuantao. Educational Scholars Responsibility of Participating in Practice Reform, Research in Educational Development, December 2008  
SUN Yuantao. On participatory educational research and its value promise, Journal of Higher Education, May 2007.
SUN Yuantao. On the life style and research standpoint of educational researcher in a professional context, Journal of Higher Education, May 2006.
Chapters in Books
Sun Yuantao, Re-exploring the relationship of practice and theory in educational research. In Ye Lan (Ed.) A Research on Basic Education Reform And the Reconstruction of China Educational Theory, Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2009.
Sun Yuantao, The teaching literacy of middle school teachers. In Li Rumi(Ed.) The Art of Teaching in the Middle School Classroom.(pp. 257-277), Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2009.
Sun Yuantao, The strategic choice of the scientific development of China basic education. In Ye Lan (Ed.) Research on the reform and development of China basic education.(pp. 275-294), Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2008.
Research work

Foundation of Education; Feformation of Basic Education