Prof. Z.-K. Xu was born in 1963.  He got his PhD at Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University in 1991 and was promoted a full professor of Polymer Chemistry & Physics at Zhejiang University in 1998.  He was invited as a visiting scholar from 1994 to 1995 at Technical University of Berlin and as a visiting professor at Technical University of Berlin (1999.09 - 1999.12), European Institute of Membrane (2001.02 - 2001.04), and Essen University (2003.11 - 2004.01). He has already presented more than 200 papers on peer-reviewed journals and 28 patents.

Research work

Surface Engineering of Polymer Membranes [1] Surface modification of polymer membranes for antifouling; [2] Polymer membranes with biomimetic surface; [3] Enzyme immobilization on polymer membranes; [4] Polymer membranes with patterned or nanostructured surface; [5] Polymer membrane for bioseparation.


Phone:+ 86 571 8795 2605