Education/Work Experience: Received bachelor (1986), master (1989) and Ph.D (1997) degrees on plant breeding and genetics from former Zhejiang Agricultural University (ZAU; from 1998 ZAU became part of the present Zhejiang University). Worked as research associate (1989.8-1992.8), assistant professor (1992.9-1995.8), associate professor (1995.9-1998.8) in former Zhejiang Agricultural University, and as associate professor (1998.9-199.11) and full professor (1999.12 - present) in Zhejiang University.Served as a plant breeder/genetcists (P4) in the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture in the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria (2003.5-2010.4). Visiting scholar in USDA/ARS in Beaumont, Texas (1995.9-1996.2), Crop Biotechnology Centre of Texas A&M University (1996.2-1996.5), visiting professor in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Ottawa (2000.12-2001.2; 2001.12-2002.3).

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We are an international family: Welcome to our group! We are building a group to educate new generations of crop scientists and entrepreneurs in China and abroad. Our group is rather internationalized in the sense of research collaboration, people working in the laboratory (we have attracted foreign students and fellows from countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Please learn what we have done and what we are doing by browsing different contents by opening the links given on the left.

International Collaboration: We are open for all kinds of collaborations with research groups and enterprises over the world as far as it is within our expertise and of mutual benefits. You are always welcome to drop by our group when you are visiting other groups in Zhejiang University, or stop over Hangzhou when you are visiting China. Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities on the earth, hence your every visit to Hangzhou and to our group will always be a memorable one.

Candidate Students: For students seeking an advanced degree on crop science (plant breeding and genetics, plant biotechnology), you may apply for scholarships to support your study in China. The Chinese governmental scholarship program and Zhejiang University Schoarship program (see links left)are offering awards every year. If you are interested in pursing your study under my supervision, you may send me your CV for an assessment, if you are competitive, I will send you an provosional acceptance letter, which is needed for you to apply for these scholarship.

Posdoctoral positions: If you are a new graduate of Ph.D study and are looking for a postdoc position, you are welcome to contact me, such position is often available with the funds from the China Postdoc Program, with an annual salary of 9,000 USS. If you are graduated from world top 100 universities and have a strong list of publications, there is a special program for Oversea's Postdocs with annual salary up to 45,000 US$

Training,short-term collaborative research and sabbatical leave? If you are looking for a laboratory for short term collabrative research, please discuss with us about your plan, in most cases we can offer you a space to stay and work with us.

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