·         3D Bioprinting

      Now, he is especially interested in the novel cell printing method. With the different own designed cell printers, the project about how to printing vessels and the organ at the same time is underway.

·              Organ on a chip

      Now, he is especially interested in 3D printing microfluidic chips which can be used in 3D cell culture and the prototype of organ. 

Dec.2016 -Present           Zhejiang University, Hangzhou P.R. China
                                         Full Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
                                         Distinguished young scholar of Zhejiang University
                                         Research Topic: Cell printing
   Micro fabrication/micro forming with polymer and metallic glass
Mar.2008 -Mar.2010       Zhejiang University, Hangzhou P.R. China
                                  Postdoctor in Engineering Mechanics
                                  Research Topic: Micro fabrication with conducting polymer
Sep.2001 -Mar.2008       Zhejiang University, Hangzhou P.R. China
                                        Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical and Automation
Advisor: Prof. ZiChen Chen , JianZhong Fu
Dissertation Title: Research on the theory and equipment of micro hot embossing
Sep.1997 -Jul.2001        China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou P.R. China

                                       Bechalor of science in Engineering Mechanics


Research work

1. Organ manufactured by Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing); 2. Microfluidic chip fabrication with 3D printing; 3. Anisotropy microsphere fabrication