Chai Xiaowu

Professor, Routine Director of Zhejiang Elderly Association, Deputy Director of Financial Research Center ,Zhejiang University Institute of Economy.

l         Born in Yan‘an City, Shanxi Prov., in 1953,

l         Sent to countryside for re-educate in 1969 and worked for some highways in 1972.

l         Graduated from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (now XI'an Jiaotong University) in 1982

l         Received Masters Degree in Economics from School of Management,Shanghai Fudan University,1988

l         Invited to Zhejiang University Institute of Economy for  “Talent Introduction Plan” and took up a teaching post ever since then

l         Won the Professor title in 1999


Once taught Accounting, Tax, Financial Audit,etc., Currently, mainly provided the Personal Financial PlanningSenior Accounting Courses for undergraduate and graduate students.


Proclaimed slogans such as "Afford the house before Sixty, Supported by the house after Sixty" , "the third woman with Housing Endowment" and "Build Endowment Base, Build the Endowment Paradise ". With the concept of endowment now pervasive propaganda, reverse mortgage loan financial product is being developed, the construction of endowment base has received great attention from related departments of the state and local government.



Since 1983, more than 50 papers about economy, accounting, taxation, finance, education economy, family economy has been published in central and provincial level publications and more than 40 research papers on Housing Reverse Mortgage Loan Endowment was issued since 2002.


Published several monographs such as the Housework Research, the Research on Education Grant Loans System , the Study of College Tuition System, the Personal Financial Management Theory and Practice,  the Study on Personal Financial Services. Plus, no less than 10 books relevant to Accounting, Tax, Finance and Family Economic were complied.

In July, 2008 published in Zhejiang University Press were the Series of Research on Housing Endowment, including 180 pieces of papers sorted to seven collections of the themes:the Endowment Concept, the Housing Endowment Patterns, the Reverse Mortgage Loan System, the Operation of Reverse Mortgage Loan , the Function of Reverse Mortgage Loan , the Risks and Prevention of Reverse Mortgage Loan and the Pricing of Reverse Mortgage Loan Products, amounted to 230 million words.

The monographs the Reverse Mortgage Loan and a popular book Discussing Housing Endowment were published in People Press in May and October of 2009 respectively. Later on , in 2009 November,  the Personal Financial Planning  was compiled in the Tsinghua University Press.



l         In 1996,  National Social and Science Planning Funded projects the Comparative Analysis Over the Housework Cost and Benefit and the Study of Housing Endowment Patterns in 2007  

l         In 1998, Zhejiang Social and Science Funded Project the External Effects and Inner Mechanism of Family Financial Assets

l         In 2002, the Study on Education Grants Loans System, a key subject of the Ministry of Education for the Tenth-Five Year Planning.

l         In 2009the State Development Bank Subject the Report of Economic and Social Development Strategy Research on Central Six Provinces,

l         In 2010 , the Economic and Social Development Planning for Lin’an and Jian’de City.; Vocational Education Reorganization Program for Chu Xiong ,Yunnan Prov.,


Research work

Research Directions: Domestic Economy/Education Economy,/Accounting /Financial Investment Currently Engagement: Housing&Base Endowment /Housing Reverse Mortgage Loan/Personal Financial Planning