Li-Hua Cheng (程丽华)


Li-Hua Cheng is a young scholar in environmental biotechnology and membrane separation at Zhejiang University. Dr. Cheng received her Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Hangzhou Institute of Applied Technology & Engineering in 1997 and worked in the R&D Department of the Hangzhou Chenguang Plastic & Chemical Company for the next three years. She entered graduate school of Zhejiang University in 2001 and upon completion of her Ph.D. studies in 2006 joined the R&D Center for Membrane Technology, Chemical Engineering Department at the Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, as a post-doctor. In April 2009, Dr. Cheng returned and joined the faculty of the Department of Environmental Engineering at ZJU, and was promoted to the rank of Research Associate in July 2009. That same year, she received both the Young Scholarship Awards for the Excellence and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities at ZJU.
Dr. Cheng has published over 40 articles in the areas of microalgal bioenergy, CO2 capture and utilization, and novel membrane and membrane bioreactor for water and gas problems.


Ph.D. in ChE., Zhejiang University, 2006
B.S. in ChE., Hangzhou Institute of Applied Technol. & Eng., 1997

Work Experience

Associate Researcher, College of Environ. and Resour. Sci., ZJU, 2009~ 
Postdoc., R&D Center for Membr. Technol. at CYCU, Taiwan, 2006~2009
Assistant Engineer, Hangzhou Chenguang Plastic & Chem. Co., Ltd., 1997~2000

Research work

Environmental Biotechnology/Membrane Separation: [1] Microalgal bioenergy; [2] CO2 capture and utilization; [3] Water treatment by membrane processes; [4] Novel membrane and membrane bioreactor for environmental and energy problems;