Dr. CHEN Yuehua

Associate Professor, Institute of Religious Studies, Philosophy Department, Faculty of Humanities, ZJU

Supervisor of Ph. D. Students in Religious Studies


Gender: Male

Nationality: P. R. China

LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chaozhou Dialect


Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Zhejiang University (ZJU, Hangzhou, China)

Assistant to the Director of Institute for Religious Studies, ZJU.

Distinguished Young Scholar”, with continuous sponsored fund, ZJU

Research Fellow, Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (ISCS, Hong Kong)





Dr. CHEN Yuehua is an Associate Professor of Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, China. He received his Ph.D. of Philosophy from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2011 and finished his two-year postdoctoral research in Zhejiang University in 2013. He is a Visiting Scholar in Yale University, from 2016-2017.With scholarship,He has visited Philosophy Department of University of Toronto (Canada), Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (Hong Kong, China), and Academia Ambrosiana (Italy), and attended conferences in Germany and Korea. His research interests includes Theories of Religions, Ancient Christianity and Greco-Roman Philosophy, Cross-Cultural Studies, esp. in Patristics and Neo-Platonism. He has published St. Augustine in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Neoplatonic Sources of the Latin Church Father (Zhejiang University Press, 2014) and a dozen of research papers, e.g., “Sino-Christian Theology in Chinese Christian Theological Tradition: Its Historical Context and Epistemological Approaches” and “Sino-Theology's Epistemological Position” in Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology, 2013(Spring & Autumn). He is also the Chinese translator of Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy (Daxiang Press, 2011). He is now carrying on a National Funded Project on the translation and interpretation of Augustine’s early works, and other funded projects on Neo-Platonism and Early Christian Thought. He is appointed as  Distinguished Young Scholar of the University, the Assistant to the Director of the Institute of Religious Studies, and the Director of Information of Institute of Christianity and Cross-Cultural Studies (ICCS).



2005 - 2011, Ph. D., Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University, Beijing

2001 - 2005, B. A. of Economics, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou

Working Experiences

2015.1-                Associate Professor, School of Humanities, ZJU

2013.9-2014.12,   Assistant Professor, School of Humanities, ZJU

2011.9-2013.9,     Post-Doctor , Institute for Christianity and Cross-Cultural Studies, ZJU


Visiting Scholarship:

2009.9 – 2010.10, Joint Ph.D. Program, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

2012.10 - 2013.1, Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong, on “the Contextualization of Christianity in China”

2013.5-2013.7, Academia Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy, on “Chinese Translation of St. Ambrose”

2014.7-2014.8, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on “Chinese Translation of St. Augustine”

2014.10-11, University of Siegen, Germany, on “the Conflict and Consensus of Religions in Modern Society”


Funded Projects

1.         2014.6- “the Translation and Study of St. Augustine’s Cassiciacum Dialogues”, National Social Science Fund for Young Scholar, Principal Investigator.

2.         2015.11-“the Building of the Database of Greek Philosophical Terms”, Major Project of National Social Science Fund (Directed by Prof. Wang Xiaochao), Sub-Project PI , on “the Genetic Principles of Greek Philosophical Terms”.

3.         2014.6- “the Chinese Translation of Philo’s Works”, National Social Science Fund Key Project (Directed by Prof. Wang Xiaochao), Cooperator.

4.         2014-, “The History of Ancient Greco-Roman Ethics”, Key Project of Beijing Social Science Fund, Collaborator, on “Hellenistic and Later Greek Ethics”.

5.         2013-, “The Conversion of Religion and Philosophy: Augustine and the Milanese Circle”, the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, PI.

6.         2012-2013, “A Study on Neo-Platonism and Early Christian Thought: an Aspect on the Harmony and Conflict of Philosophy and Religion”, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded project, PI.

7.         2011-2012, “On the Mystery of Plato’s Good”, supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, PI.

8.         2013-2014, “Research on the Enlightenment of Children’s Faith”, Key Project of CYL Social Science Fund, Collaborator.


Books (including Editorial and Translations)

1.         St. Augustine in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Neoplatonic Sources of the Latin Church Father, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2014.

2.         Chinese Translation: Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Zhengzhou: Daxiang Press, 2011.

3.         Chinese Translation of St. Ambrose’s On Duty, ISCS Press, Hong Kong, 2016.


Articles and Chapters

1.         "The New Horizon of History: Observations and Reflections on the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Sino-Christian Theology and ISCS", Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology, 2016(44):1. (A&HCI)

2.         "Sino-Christian Theology in Chinese Christian Theological Tradition: Its Historical Context and Epistemological Approaches", Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology, 2014(41):2. (A&HCI)

3.         Sino-Theology's Epistemological Position”, coming in Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology, 2013(39):2. (A&HCI)

4.         “The Cross-Disciplinary Conviviality”, Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology, 2013(38):1. (A&HCI)

5.         “Sino-Christian Theology: A Perspective on the Relationship between God and Man”, in Introducing the Theology of the Majority World, Eugene: Wipf & Stock, coming in 2016.

6.         Tacit Knowledge: An Epistemological Exploration of ‘Knowing beyond Sayings’”, The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, 2013(1). Indexed and reprinted in Chinese Social Science Digest 2013(7).

7.         “On the Mystery of Plato’s Good”, in Morality and Civilization, 2013(6).

8.         “The Debate on the Differentiation of Knowledge: New Approach to the Ancient Model of the Relationship between Language and Knowledge in a Cross-Cultural Vision”, Academic Monthly, 2013(5).

9.          Did Plotinus have an Ontology based on ‘hypostases ?”, in Journal of Yunnan University (Social Sciences Edition), 2014(2).

10.     “Colorful Athena: On the Problem of Philosophy’s Hellenism”, co-authored, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Science), 2012(5).

11.     “How the Ethical Community is Possible, Morality and Civilization, 2012(1).

12.     “Cross-Cultural Study of the Greek Philosophical Classics”, co-authored, in Chinese Philosophical Almanac, 2012.

13.     “The Multiple Faces of the One: On the Supreme Principle in Plotinus’ Metaphysics”, World Philosophy, 2011(2).

14.     Plato’s Criticism to the Conception of Justice of Utilitarianism and Its Modern Theoretical Response”, co-authored, Hebei Academic Journal, 2011(4).

15.     “Roger TAmes’ Comparison of Chinese and Western Philosophy”, in Tsinghua Philosophical Almanac, WAN Junren(ed.), Beijing: Contemporary China Publishing Hous, 2007.


Translations of Articles and Chapters

1.         Several papers on Religion and Ethics, from English to Chinese, over 50000 words, in Science and Religion: Current Debate, WANG Xiaochao, ZHU Donghua, Melville Y. Stewart (eds.), Beijing: Peking University Press, 2015.

2.         Several papers on Confucianism and Greek Philosophy, from Chinese to English, over 50000 words, in Confucius-Socraties: Proceedings of Three Conferences on Chinese and Greek Philosophy, CHEN Haosu, Elena Avramidou, Stavros Nikolakopoulos (eds.), Beijing: Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,  2011.

3.         2007, Hu Weixi, “On the Study of Foreign Philosophy in Chinese Cultural Construction and its Future”, Frontiers of Philosophy in China, Higher Education Press, Springer Press , Volume 2 Number 4 Oct. 2007 (Chinese to English)

4.         2006, Wang Xiaochao, “On the Study of Foreign Philosophy in Chinese Cultural Construction and its Future”, Wang Xiaochao, Frontiers of Philosophy in China, Volume 1 Number2 April 2006. (Chinese to English)


Book Reviews

1.         WANG Zisong et al. 2010. History of Greek Philosophy Vol. 4. Beijing: People's Publishing House, pp.1797. in Frontier of Philosophy in China 2014(9) 171-177.


Academic Conferences

1.         2016 May 13-15, “Academic Forum for Patrological Philosophy”, Organizer, in ZJU, Hangzhou; Published paper “How to Understand and Translate Boethius’s esse”.

2.         2014 Nov. 7, Workshop on “Augustine’s Classics and the Future of Patrology in China”, Organizer, in ZJU, Hangzhou; Published paper “”

3.         2015, Nov. 27-30, “Sino-Christian Theology Round Table Conference”, by Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong; published paper “On St. Ambrose’s Theology and Ethics of Duty”.

4.         2015, Nov. 4-6, “Augustine and the Roman Empire”, in Huaqiao University, Xiamen; published paper “St. Ambrose’s On Duty and St. Augustine”.

5.         2015, Oct. 13-16, “International Symposium on Religions’ Contribution to Social Coherence”, in ZJU, Hangzhou.

6.         2014, Oct. 7-11, “International Symposium on the Conflict and Consensus of Religions in Modern Society”, in Siegen University, Germany

7.         2012, “Christianity’s Functions in Contemporary Society”, by Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, in Seoul, South Korea; Published paper “Sino-Christian Theology in the Chinese Theological Tradition”.

8.         2011, “Religion and the Ethical System of Chinese Society”, by China National Association for Ethical Studies & China Association for the Study of Religion, in Hangzhou.

9.         2009-2010, “Faith and Science” annual conference, by American Society of Christian Philosophers & Philosophy Department of Peking University, in Beijing

10.     2007, “Happiness: Forum of Philosophy between China and America 2007”, by Tsinghua University and American Society of Christian Philosophers, in Beijing.

11.     2006, “Christian Religion and Public Reason”, by Center for Christian Study, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in Beijing.

12.     2005, “Religion, Morality, University Education: International Academic Conference”, by Fudan University, in Shanghai.


Teaching Courses:

1.         Spring, “Introduction to the Christian Classics”, Graduate Students

2.         Spring, “Introduction to the Classics of Religious Studies”, Graduate Students

3.         Summer, “Readings of the Christian Classics”, Graduate Students

4.         Summer, “Readings of the Classics of Religious Studies”, Graduate Students

Research work

Greco-Roman Philosophy, Patristics, Ancient Metaphysics and Epistemology, comparison of Religion and Philosophy, Augustine, Plotinus, Platonism, History of Chinese Christianity, Ancient Philosophy, Chsritian Philosophy, Philo of Alexandria, Ancient Ethics