Prof. Jin Jin was born in May 1979 in Jiayu City, Hubei province, China. I am currently a full time professor of Department of Chinese Studies(ZJU), as well as the director of Research Centre for Overseas Chinese Literature and Culture(ZJU). My main research areas are Modern Chinese Literature, Taiwan and Hongkong Literature, Singaporean and Malaysian Literature. I have taught modern Chinese literature at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman(Malaysia), National Dong Hwa University(Taiwan) and National University of Singapore(Singapore). Specific Courses have included Global Chinese Literature and Modern Chinese Literature. I am now research topic on the Sino-phone Literature, including the Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore’s chinese modern literature. It is focus on the “Diaspora literature” in the twentieth century, especially the relationship between the Cold War and Global Chinese Literature.
Research work

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature;SE Asian Chinese Literature;Modern Literature in Taiwan and Hong Kong