•   PhD, Economics, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, 2004;
  •   MA, Economics, Northwest (China) University, Xi'an, China, 1996; 

Work Experience

  •   May 2011 to present, School of Economics, Zhejiang University, China
  •   Srping 2012, Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Stanford University, Stanford, California
  •   March 2010 to June 2010, visiting scholar, Department of Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara
  •   2003 to 2011, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)
  •   2002-2003, Assistant Professor, School of Management, Xiamen University

Research Interests

    Industrial Organization Theory, International Trade Theory, Game Theory and Applications

Published Papers

  ∙  Sharing A Polluted River Network. (with Y. Wang and D. Ni), Environmental  and Resource Economics (SSCI), forthcoming
  ∙  Estimating Outage Costs in China: a modified Tobit Model. (with X. Li), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (SSCI), forthcoming
  ∙  Highway Toll Pricing Game (with Y. Wang), European Journal of Operational Research (SSCI), 220: 744--751, 2012
  ∙  FDI and Environmental Regulation: Pollution Haven or a Race to the Top?, (with J. Gong, and X. Zhao), Journal of Regulatory Economics (SSCI), 41(2): 216-237, 2012
  ∙  A simple model of two-country bargaining for financial integration, (with X. Gu) Applied Economics Letters (SSCI), 19(8): 725 -- 728, 2012
  ∙  Braess' Paradox and Traffic Congestions in Cities with Circular Expressways, Game Theory and Applications, forthcoming (in press)
  ∙  The Relationship Banking Paradox: No Pain No Gain Versus raison d'être, Economic Modelling, (SSCI), 28, 2263--2270, 2011
  ∙  RJV Formation and Strategic Entry Accommodation (with G. Guo), Australian Economic Papers (SSCI), 50(4): 129-146, 2011
  ∙  A Theory of Financial Liberalization: Why are Developing Countries so Reluctant? (with X. Gu) The World Economy (SSCI), 34(7), 1106--1123, July 2011
  ∙  International R&D Networks (with X. Zhao), Review of International Economics (SSCI), 19(2), 325--340, 2011
  ∙  The Loss from Trade under International Cournot Oligopoly with Cost Asymmetry (with L. Yuan), Review of International Economics (SSCI), 18(5): 818--831, 2010
  ∙  Forecasting Long-run Coal Price in China: A Shifting Trend Time Series Approach (with B. Lin, and X. Li), Review of Development Economics (SSCI), 14(3): 499--519, 2010
  ∙  International Environmental Agreement Formation and Trade (with X. Zhao), Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics (SSCI), 16: 339-356, 2009
  ∙  Cost Sharing in Electricity Transmission Grid, Game Theory and Applications, vol 13 17-29, 2008
  ∙  Airport Game and Landing Charge Reform, China Economics Quarterly, Vol 5, 2006,
  ∙  Moral Hazard in Teams Revisited, China Economics Quarterly, 2003

Papers under Review

  ∙  Retail Power, Slotting Allowances, and the Countervailing Power Hypothesis (with Y. Dong)
  ∙  A Signal-jamming Theory of Brain Drain (with J. Gong)
  ∙  A Preemptive Model of Value Destroying Mergers (with Y. Wang)
  ∙  A Model of Export-Strengthening FDI (with G. Guo)
  ∙  International Capital Flows: Tradeoff at Optimum and Delay in Bargaining (with X. Gu)
  ∙  Trade, Leakage and Consumption-based EKC (with Y. Wang and F. Wang)
  ∙  Asymmetric Customs Union Formation (with X. Zhao)
  ∙  A Moral Hazard Model of Pair Bonding and Conflicgt of Parental Care in Monogamy (with T. Zhou)

Working Papers

  ∙  Optimal Collective Tournament and Team Formation (with G. Guo),
  ∙  Consumption-based EKC: is there an inverted-U? (with F. Wang and Y. Wang)
  ∙  A Repeated Game Theory of Anti-dumping,
  ∙  Capacity Constraint, Merger Paradox and Merger Waves (with F. Han)
  ∙  Limiting Supply as a Signal of Quality. (with T. Bandyopadhyay and C.Z Qin)
  ∙  In Reaching Gale-Shapley Stable Matching

Papers in Progress

  ∙  Are Mercanlists Wrong? A Theory of the English East India Company (with J. Li)
  ∙  The Informed Consumer Problem
  ∙  A Model of Loss Leader Pricing
  ∙  A Signalling Theory of Group-Buying
  ∙  Strategic Vertical Integration and Outsourcing, (with Y. Dong)
  ∙  A Paradox of Comparative Advantage Theory
  ∙  Sequential IEA Formation
  ∙  A Model of Repêchage

Proposed Research Projects

  ∙  Globalization and Wage Inequality
  ∙  Regional Integration and Vertical Trade


  ∙  Lecture Notes on Information Economics (with Yong Wang), Renmin University Press
  ∙  Cooperative Game Theory: Solutions and Cost Sharing, (with Yuntong Wang, Guixia Guo), China Market Press

Conference Presentations

    Many international conferences (in average 5-6 per year) including Midwest International Economics Meetings, 2008 World Congress of Game Theory, Pan-Pacific Game Theory Conferences, Asian Pacific Trade Seminars, China Economist Society Conferences, etc. as well as invited seminars in various institutes.

Conference Organization

  ∙  Session Organizer, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET) Australian Conference, June 29-July 1, 2012
  ∙  Conference Organizer, The Inaugural Conference of Chinese Game Theory and Experimental Economics Association, August 24-26, 2010
  ∙  Session Organizer, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET) Singapore Conference, August 13-15, 2010
  ∙  Conference Organizer, The 3rd Pan-Pacific Game Theory Conference, Beijing, Oct 20-23, 2006
  ∙  Conference Co-organizer, WTO, China and Asian Economies, Beijing, June 24-26, 2006.


    Review of International Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Banking and Finance, Economics Bulletin, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Economic Modelling, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics


  ∙  ADB PPTA 7891: Yunnan Chuxiong Urban Environment Improvement Project
  ∙  ADB ADTA 7202 Utilization of Foreign Capital to Promote Energy Conservation and Energy-Efficient Power Generation
  ∙  ADB PPTA 7360 Guangxi Beibu Gulf Cities Development, Guangxi
  ∙  ADB PPTA TA 7177 Wuhan Urban Environmental Improvement Project
  ∙  ADB PPTA Guangxi Wuzhou Urban Development Project, Guangxi, PR China
  ∙  ADB PPTA 4971 PRC Songhua River Basin Water Pollution Control and Management Project
  ∙  ADB PPTA 4804 Jilin Urban Infrastructure Project
  ∙  ADB PPTA Henan Ecological Agriculture and Rural Productivity Improvement Project
  ∙  ADB PPTA Integrated Ecosystem Management and Environmental Protection of the Baiyangdian Lake Catchment Project
  ∙  ADB PPTA Inner Mongolia Environment Improvement Project
  ∙  ADB ADTA Poverty Reduction in Coal Mine Areas in Shanxi Province

Research work

International Economics, Industrial Organization, Game Theory