Research work

Biogeochemistry mediated by human activities, Ecological economics, Theoretical biology, Ecological engineering based on the constructed wetland, Physiological plant ecology. I study the plant ecology for 30 years, mainly focus on the ecological differentiation and strategies of plants based on the growth traits, understanding of the mechanisms of the endangerment of plants, together with population and community ecology. I study the systems ecology for over 15 years, mainly apply the nonlinear and self-organizing system in the ecology and evolution, biodiversity and bio-complexity, especially in the hierarchical structure from globe to biomacromolecule. I and colleagues find the “secondary structure” of the biosystem spectrum, and predict a new level of system, the urkaeco, emerging in recent year accompanied with the globalization derived by human being, that integrates a city core and peripheral wild lands as a system. Experiment studies now cover the urbanization on regional biogeochemical cycles, including carbon and water cycles of the grassland, forest, cropland, urban and other ecosystems solely and as a urban-rural complex. I begin to study the ecological engineering from 1996 on; the first project on this is support by European Union. The researches have two directions, one is based on the constructed wetlands for purify the eutrophic water, including surface water, industrial and household wastewater. Now we focused on the biodiversity and ecosystem function in the constructed wetlands. Another direction is ecological restoration of wetland in urbanization areas. We have built the first national wetland ark of China, Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, and the first national urban wetland park, Jinghu Wetland Park in Shaoxing. Detail please find in_


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