Professor Dr. Fan Jieping graduated from former Hangzhou University (Zhejiang University), Department of German Studies,  in 1982, majoring in Germany. He was an editor of Beijing Review hosted by Ministry of Culture of PR. China. He joined Zhejiang University in 1985. He went to study in Technical University of Berlin, Germany, in 1987 and obtained Master’s degrees (Magister) in Literature Theory from Technical University of Berlin and in sinology from Free University of Berlin. Later on, he studied Literature and Culture Studies under the tutorship of Prof. Dr. H. D. Zimmermann at Institute of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature and Prof. Dr.  U. Steinmueller at Institute of Languages and Communication. In 1996 he received his Ph. D. degree from Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Hereafter he worked as research fellow at Institute of Didactics of Foreign Language Teaching, Department of Education, Technical University of Berlin, during which he participated in DFG research program in Germany entitled “Innovation and tradition – Eastern and Western Literature Reception” and was also engaged in cross-cultural hermeneutic studies. He created cross-cultural communication programs in Technicial University of Berlin, and instructed comparative courses of culture and thought between the East and West.

In December 2000 he returned to Zhejiang University, serving as professor and Director of Institute of German Studies, and academic leader of German Language and Literature. He successively acted as Dean of School of International Studies. In 2009, he held posts of Director of Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Director of Office of International Relations, and Assistant President of Zhejiang University. In 2010, he has been Director of Office of International Relations and Assistant President of Zhejiang University. He also assumes the membership of National Foreign Literature Association, Translators Association of China, German Literature Research Association of China, Writers Association of Zhejiang Province, and he also serves as chairman of Translators Association of Zhejiang Province, Executive Director of European Chinese Society and Executive Director of Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature of Zhejiang Province. He acts as editor of many domestic and foreign academic journals. He is in charge of Zhejiang Excellent Course of “Business German” and standing among the first batch of famous teachers. He has completed, charged and participated in numerous research projects funded by national and provincial Social Science Foundation.

His monographs include 1) Literature and World Collisions - Cross-cultural Hermeneutic Studies, 2) Critical Discourse Analysis of Robert Walser novel, 3) Modern Austrian Literature, 4) Educational Thought in Germany and a host of translations such as The Outdatedness of Human Beings (Antiquiertheit des Menschen, Guether Anders). He has also published more than 50 academic papers. His Robert Walser Study and translation received research award granted by the Swiss Government Cultural Foundation and the First Prize of Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement in Zhejiang Province 2013.

He is Visiting Professor of Technical University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin, Kopenhagen University, Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, University of Tsukuba in Japan, Soochow University of Taiwan, Fu Jun Catholic University of Taiwan. In 2012, he was hornered with a Silver Medal of Technical University of Berlin.


curriculum vitae

1982-1985 Eidtor of <Peking Rundschau> of Culture Ministry of China

1987-1996 Studied at Technical University of Berlin

1993 M.A. of German Literature Theory and Sinology at Technical University of Berlin and Free University of Berlin

1996 Ph.D of German Literature Theory at Technical University of Berlin

1996-2000 Lecturer in the Institute of Didactics of Foreign Languages, involved in the research project of DFG "Literature Reception from Eastern and Western: Innovation and Tradition in the field of intercultural hermeneutics. Gave lectures on Theory and Practics of Intercultural Communications and Comparison between Western and Chinese Thoughts

2000- Professor and Head of Institute of German Studies at Zhejiang University

2002-2003 Deputy Dean of School of International Studies at Zhejiang University

2003-2009 Acting Dean of School of International Studies at Zhejiang University

2009-2010 Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Zhejiang University

2010-2013 Assitant President and Director of International Relations of Zhejiang University

2015-         Dean of Institute of China Studies at Zhejiang University

Visiting Scholar:

Technical University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin, Copenhagen University, Christian-Albrecht-University of Kiel, Goetttingen University, Marin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg, University of Tsukuba, Soochow University of Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan, Translation Center of Looren in Switzerland, Pro Helvetia

Research work

German Studies, German Literature, Cultural Studies