Feng Guo-dong is a professor at the research institute of Chinese classics in Zhejiang University.He was born in Shanxi province in north china.  In 1992,he entered the Shanxi Agricultural university, majored in forestry ,then, received the agronomy bachelor's degree. in 1998,he entered Lanzhou University for postgraduate program of classical literature. In 2001,he received master's degree. Then, he entered Fudan university, In 2004,He graduated from Fudan and received PHD. Then, he worked in Nanjin  university as Post-doctorate. In 2006, He entered the research institute of Chinese classics in Zhejiang University.
Research work

1)The Buddhism philology. My dissertation for doctor is Study on The Transmission of the Lamp.This is the important Zen text, containing the biographies, dialogues of 1700 Zen masters. My post-doctorate topic is the Chinese catalogs. At present, I attempt to establish the system of the Chinese Buddhism philology. 2)Buddhism literature, especially, the relationship of the Chinese classic literature and the Buddhism . 3)Buddhism history. I deal with questions of Buddhism history mainly using the excavated literature, such as the documents of Heshui city, and the pagoda inscription.