1981-1988, Shanxi Agricultural University, Fruit Science, Master degree.
June 2005, PhD in Plant Science at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Theis title: Localization of candidate allergen genes on the apple(Malus domestica)genome and their putative allergenicity. Promoters: Prof. Evert Jacobsen, and Prof. Richard Visser, co-promoters: Dr. Eric van de Weg and Dr. Luud Gilissen
Working Experience:

He worked at the Shanxi Forestry Research Institute for nine years (1988–1996 and 1999) on walnut variety selection, propagation and cultivation. The major research achievement was the releasing of two new walnut varieties. In year 1997 and 1998, he worked at the Department of Vegetables and Fruit Crops, CPRO-DLO (now incorporated into Plant Research International, Wageningen, The Netherlands) as a visiting scientist. He participated in projects on apple molecular marker linkage mapping and genetic analysis of apple scab resistance. In March 2001 he returned to Plant Research International (PRI) and participated in the EU-SAFE project to map four classes of apple allergen genes on apple molecular marker maps. In 2006, he got a professor position at Department of Horticulture, Zhejiang University. He initiated a consortium of Allergy Research Center at Zhejiang University and acts as coordinator.

Research work

Genetics, Genomics,Breeding of Fruit crops, Fruit and pollen Allergy