If you happen to come across my page and blog, I hope you are one of the 'philosophers'. But as 'philosophers' in China are not really doing anything philosophically, I doubt that you really like me to call you 'philosopher', if you are a Chinese scholar and want to do some real philosophy. Anyway, welcome to my page and blog, especially those people who are eager to do some real philosophy.

Okay, so what is the real philosophy? I would like to quote Armstrong here: " the central task of philosophy is to give an account, or at least play a part in giving an account, of the most general nature of things and of man." Another purpose of quoting Armstrong is to clarify some confusion people have on analytic philosophy, as this is a view about philosophy that is accepted by many analytic philosophers, at least according to Armstrong. Just as Armstrong would include himself among that many, so would I.   

Then as an analytic philosopher, what am I doing right now? Currently I am working on philosophy of mind, especially about the debate between physicalism and anti-physicalism. I am not yet able to give an account of the nature of consciousness and other things related to it, but I do believe that I am playing a part in doing so by contributing some (hopefully useful) crticisms, comments, and discussions to the field. My long goal, surely, would be to give an account or a rough one of my own on something that is big for philosophy.  

Research work

AOS: Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology AOC: Philosophy of Language, Modern Philosophy