CHEN Gang (陈刚), otherwise named George or Keokiwas born and bred in HangzhouHaving published 60-odd books, he is senior professional translator & interpreter (as well as government-designated part-time interpreter for years), professor of English & Translation Studies, guest professor and head of the steering committee on tourism English teaching of China’s first tourism vocational college, national-class Tour Guide Extraordinaire (one of the 23 in China and the only one in Zhejiang), supervisor of postgraduates in Translation Studies, and head of the Institute of Translation Studies in Zhejiang University, known as Oriental Cambridge and one of the Top Three in China.

He has for long worked and studied or promoted and managed China tour in many foreign countries, including the Middle East, the United States, and CanadaHis published works feature a winning combination of professionalism, pragmatics and scholarship mainly in translation research, global tourism and cross-cultural studies. His Tourism Translation & Guide-Interpreting Studies is known as the only national key book (monograph) of its kind in China. The Mainland’s latest translation major textbooks entitled A Coursebook on EnglishD Chinese Tourism Translation and A Coursebook on English Guide-Interpreting respectively demonstrate the author’s recent research results in the inter-disciplinary area and professional teaching. Besides, he is the author of the English edition of China Travel Kit Series (Hangzhou & Zhejiang), West Lake Poetics, Greater Hangzhou: A New Travel Guide, and New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide; compiler of Royal Classic China Tour (USA & ANA); chief compiler and writer of the coursebook Professional Guide and of the professional and academic edition of New Century Translation Studies R & D Work Series; chief reviser of the textbook Travel Service Case Studies; and co-author of An Incomplete Guide to HangzhouHe is also the chief translator of Mt. Emei of the World, A Trip to Mountains and Rivers in Zhejiang Province and West Lake Guide Series, one of the few official translators of Macmillan Encyclopedia, and translator of China Qingtian Stone Carving, The World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites in China, and many other Chinese and English works of various subjects, some of which are important award-winnersIn addition, his more than 110 essays on overseas tour guiding, liaison-escort interpreting, cross-cultural interpreting, tourism translation, translation teaching, and translation theory can be found in national and provincial academic publications and media

Research work

1.Research area[1]:Translation Studies; crosscultural translation and communication;tourism translation and research; interpreting studies;translator & interpreter training and research; TTT in translation and management 2.Research area[2]:Tourism English; crosscultural guide-interpreting; guide-interpreter training and management; international travel service management 3.Major courses for research students and undergraduates: (1) For postgraduates: A General Introduction to Translation Studies, Translation Practice & Theory; A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Translation Theories; Translation Case Study & Cross-cultural Communication; Specialized Translation for Tourism; News Translation: Theory and Pratice; Multi-Genre Literary Translation; Special Topics on Literary Translation; Business Translation; Research Methodology; Applied Linguistics and Translation Practice (2) For undergraduates: E-C (elementary); C-E(elementary); E-C(advanced); C-E(advanced); E-C & C-E Interpreting; An Introduction to Translation Studies; Translation Studies(linguistic);Translation Studies(central issues); CATTI Level II/III; Crosscultural Tourism Translation; News Translation; E-C & C-E Translation of Literary Genres; Business Translation; Legal Translation; MICE Translation; A Variety of Interpreting; A Beginner's Guide to Writing Papers & Theses in Translation