1. Velodyne Lidar + Camera Datasets:

    The KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite

    Ford Campus Vision and Lidar Dataset

2. RGB-D Datasets:

    NYU Depth V1 + V2

    B3DO: Berkeley 3-D Object Dataset

    RGB-D Object Dataset (U Washington)


3. Saliency Detection Datasets:


    MIT Saliency Benchmark

    MSRA Salient Object Database

   RGB-D Saliency Detection Datasets:

    NUS3D-Saliency Dataset  (National University of Singapore)

    RGBD Salient Object Detection (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    3DGaze : an eye tracking on 3D images database

4. Segmentation Datasets:


    Clean MSRC21

Source Codes:

1. 3D Point Cloud:

    PCL - Point Cloud Library

2. Topic Modeling:

    Topic Modeling (David Blei)

3. Superpixels:

   - SLIC:

   - Contour + Hierarchical Segmentation:


    Resources collected by Andreas Geiger

    Resources collected by Rogerio Feris