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Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Lab



Jiangao Guo lab is working on structural biology of membrane proteins including ion channels and transporters, using single particle cryo-EM, x-ray crystallography, electrophysiology and other biophysical and biochemical techniques. The long-term goal is to elucidate ion transport mechanisms and provide structural information for related disease treatment in clinical practice.

Selected publications

1. She J*, Guo J*, Chen Q*, Zeng W, Jiang Y, Bai X. Structural insights into the voltage and phospholipid activation of mammalian TPC1 channel. Nature 556, 130-134 (2018) (*co-first authors)

2. Guo J*, She J*, Zeng W, Chen Q, Bai X, Jiang Y. Structures of the Calcium-activated Non-Selective Cation Channel TRPM4. Nature 552: 205–209 (2017) (*co-first authors)

3. Chen Q*, She J*, Zeng W, Guo J, Xu H, Bai X, Jiang Y. Structure of mammalian endolysosomal TRPML1 channel in nanodiscs. Nature 550:415-418 (2017) (* co-first authors)

4. Lee C, Guo J, Zeng W, Kim S, She J, Cang C, Ren D, and Jiang Y. The lysosomal potassium channel TMEM175 adopts a novel tetrameric architectureNature 547: 472-475 (2017)

5. Guo J, Zeng W, Jiang Y. Tuning the ion selectivity of two-pore channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114(5):1009-1014 (2017)

6. Guo J, Zeng W, Chen Q, Lee C, Chen L, Yang Y, Cang C, Ren D, Jiang Y. Structure of the voltage-gated two-pore channel from Arabidopsis thalianaNature 531:196–201 (2016)

7. Wei X, Guo J, Li M and Liu Z. Structural mechanism underlying the specific recognition between the Arabidopsis state-transition phosphatase TAP38/PPH1 and phosphorylated light-harvesting complex protein Lhcb1. The Plant Cell 27(4):1113-27 (2015)

8. Guo J, Wei X, Li M, Pan X, Chang W and Liu Z. Structure of the catalytic domain of a State transition kinase homolog from Micromonas algae. Protein Cell 4(8):607-19 (2013)

Research work

1. ion channel structural biology 2. ion transporters structural biology 3. structure-based drug development targeting to ion channels and transporters