Haibin Qu
Head at Department of Chinese Medicine Science &Engineering, Zhejiang University, China
Current professor at Zhejiang University 
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), process control at Zhejiang University

Work Experience

Department of Chinese Medicine Science &Engineering, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University
Department Head, 2007- present
Professor, 2004- present.
Associate Professor, 2003-2004
Pharmaceutical Informatics Institute, Zhejiang University
Director, 2011- present
Vice Director, 2003-2010
Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Zhejiang University
Associate Professor, 2000-2003
Department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University
Assistant Professor, 1997-2000
Baoshan Iron& Steel Co., Ltd, Shanghai
Assistant Engineer, 1990-1992


1992 – 1997   Department of Control Science and Engineering ,Zhejiang University Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), process control,

1986 – 1990 , Department of Chemical Engineering , Zhejiang University Bachelor's degree, process control

Research work

Dr. Qu investigates in the implementation PAT(Process Analytical Technology) systems in production processes of Chinese herbal medicine, and is performed in close collaboration with pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturing processes currently considered are: extraction, alcohol precipitation, preparative chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction. The research areas include:  The development implementation of process analyzers (e.g., NIR, UV) in the process stream allowing real-time collection of critical process and (intermediate) product information;  The application of design of experiments(DoE) and multivariate data analysis(MVDA) to increase process understanding and process knowledge;  Multivariate statistical process control and visualization; Process monitoring, plant wide information technology systems, process control, modeling, and optimization methodologies.


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