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Yong He
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University

1. Higher education qualification(s)

BEng    Energy & Environment Systems Engineering, Zhejiang University, China, 2008.

2. Doctoral degree or equivalent

PhD    Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Zhejiang University, China, 2013. 

Thesis: “Study on Alkali Release and OH Radicals  during Coal and Syngas Combustion using Laser Diagnostic Techniques”. Supervisor: Prof Kefa Cen

3. Postdoctoral positions

Jan 2014 – Dec 2015, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Zhejiang University, China.

4. Qualification required for appointments as a docent

Docent, Zhejiang University, China, 2015.

5. Current position

Dec 2016 – Present, Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, China.

6. Previous positions and periods of appointment

Dec 2015 – Dec 2016, Teacher, Zhejiang University, China

Jan 2014 – Dec 2015, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Zhejiang University, China

Sep 2010 – Oct 2012, Visting PhD student, Lund University, Sweden 

Sep 2008 – Dec 2013, PhD student, Zhejiang University, China

7. Supervision


Siyu Liu (PhD Student)

Hairong Tang (PhD Student)

Qi Ni (Master Student)

Songru Xie (Master Student)

Mengyu Sun (Master Student)

Luyao Fang (Master Student)

8. Other information of relevance to the application

· Grants awarded in competition

Project: Investigation of synergistic effects on alkali release during co-combustion of coal and biomass using laser based diagnostic techniques.

I am the PI and wrote the proposal.

Amount: 600K CNY, Period: 2018 – 2021.

Funder: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC, 51776185).

Project: Investigation of multi-alkali species release during combustion of zhundong coal using laser techniques.

I am the PI and wrote the proposal.

Amount: 100K CNY, Period: 2015.01 – 2015.12.

Funder: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC, 51406178).

Project: Investigation of pyrolysis and combustion characteristic and alkali release mechanism of Zhundong coal using laser techniques.

I am the PI and wrote the proposal.

Amount: 50K CNY, Period: 2014.01 – 2015.12.

Funder: China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2014M551732).

· Has co-authored 47 peer-reviewed scientific (ISI) journal papers until May 2018.

9. Selection of publications (10 most important)

1.   Y. Liu, Z. Wang, Y. Lv, K. Wan, Y. He, J. Xia, K. Cen. Inhibition of sodium release from Zhundong coal via the addition of mineral additives: A combination of online multi-point LIBS and offline experimental measurements. Fuel, 2018, 212: 498-505.

2.   Y. Liu, Y. He, Z. Wang, J. Xia, K. Wan, R. Whiddon, K. Cen. Characteristics of alkali species release from a burning coal/biomass blend. Applied Energy, 2018, 215: 523-531.

3.   Y. Liu, Y. He, Z. Wang, K. Wan, J. Xia, J. Liu, K. Cen. Multi-point LIBS measurement and kinetics modeling of sodium release from a burning Zhundong coal particle. Combustion and Flame, 2018, 189: 77-86.

4.   W. Weng, Q. Gao, Z. Wang, R. Whiddon, Y. He, Z. Li, M. Alden, K. Cen. Quantitative Measurement of Atomic Potassium in Plumes over Burning Solid Fuels Using Infrared-Diode Laser Spectroscopy. Energy & Fuels, 2017, 31(3): 2831-2837.

5.   Z. Wang, Y. Liu, R. Whiddon, K. Wan, Y. He, J. Xia, K. Cen. Measurement of atomic sodium release during pyrolysis and combustion of sodium-enriched Zhundong coal pellet. Combustion and Flame, 2017, 176: 429-438.

6.   Y. He, R. Whiddon, Z.H. Wang, Y.Z. Liu, Y.Q. Zhu, J.Z. Liu, K.F. Cen. Inhibition of Sodium Release from Zhundong Coal via the Addition of Mineral Additives: Online Combustion Measurement with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Energy & Fuels, 2017, 31(2): 1082-1090.

7.   Z.H. Wang, Y.A. Liu, Y. He, R. Whiddon, K.D. Wan, J. Xia, J.Z. Liu. Effects of Microwave Irradiation on Combustion and Sodium Release Characteristics of Zhundong Lignite. Energy & Fuels, 2016, 30(11): 8977-8984.

8.   Y. He, K. Qiu, R. Whiddon, Z. Wang, Y. Zhu, Y. Liu, Z. Li, K. Cen. Release characteristic of different classes of sodium during combustion of Zhun-Dong coal investigated by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Science Bulletin, 2015, 60(22): 1927-1934.

9.   H. Fatehi, Y. He, Z. Wang, Z. Li, X. Bai, M. Alden, K. Cen. LIBS measurements and numerical studies of potassium release during biomass gasification. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2015, 35: 2389-2396.

10. Y. He, J. Zhu, B. Li, Z. Wang, Z. Li, M. Alden, K. Cen. In-situ Measurement of Sodium and Potassium Release during Oxy-Fuel Combustion of Lignite using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Effects of O2 and CO2 Concentration. Energy & Fuels, 2013, 27(2): 1123-1130.

Research work

Combustion of coal and biomass, Alkali release and control, Laser combustion diagnostics, Flue gas emissions control



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