2007: Ph.D., Basic Psychology, Psychology Department, Zhejiang Univ.
1996: M. S., Counseling Services, Counseling and Psychological Services Department, 
          StateUniversity of New York at Oswego
1983: B.S., Psychology Department, Hangzhou University
Research work

With a background in research on counseling and mental health, my current research interests centre on positive and negative rumination, perfectionism, traditional Chinese culture (e.g., attachment and detachment in goal striving) and subjective well-being (SWB). In particular, I am interested in the types of rumination and how they relate to mental symptoms and SWB. On the other hand, I am interested in how Chinese culture helps to cope with life events and keep high quality of life. Moreover, I am looking into cross-cultural differences between China and other countries regarding rumination, perfectionism, attachment and detachment in goal striving and mental health. I would welcome contact from potential graduate students interested in these or related topics.