Dr. Hong MA

Associate Professor
Department of Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Zhejiang University, 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, China, 310058.
Email: hongma (at)



Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
B. E.       Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China



Professional Experience

June.2011 - Present  Associate Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Dec.2009 - May.2011  Senior Research Fellow, Department of Management Sciences, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Jul.2008 - Dec.2009 Visiting Assistant Professor of Operations Management, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, Singapore 





       Research Interests

  •     Optimization Analysis: mathematical programming, algorithm design, heuristic search;
  •     Logistics and Supply Chain Management: computational logistics, vehicle routing, project scheduling;
  •     Information System: decision support system, business intelligence with IT and computer-aids.




       Refereed Journal Articles
       (* stands for the corresponding author)

  • H. Ma, B. Cheang, A. Lim, Y. Zhu and L. Zhang, forthcoming, "An Investigation into the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window and Link Capacity Constraints", OMEGA-International Journal of Management Science
  • A. Lim, H. Ma*, J. Xu and X. Zhang, forthcoming, "An Iterated Construction Approach with Dynamic Prioritization for Solving the Container Loading Problems'', Expert Systems with Applications 
  • A. Lim, H. Ma*, B. Rodrigues, S. Tan and F. Xiao, 2011, "New Concepts for Activity Float in Resource-Constrained Project Management",  38, 6, pp.917-930 , Computers and Operations Research
  • H. Ma, Z. Miao, A. Lim, and B. Rodrigues, 2011, "Crossdocking Distribution Networks with Setup Cost and Time Window Constraint'', 39, 1, pp.64-72, OMEGA-International Journal of Management Science.
  • A. Lim, H. Ma, Q. Wen, Z. Xu, and B. Cheang, 2009, "Distinguishing Citation Quality for Journal Impact Assessment'',  52, 8, Communications of the ACM
  • Z. Miao, A. Lim, H. Ma*, 2009, "Truck Dock Assignment Problem with Operational Time Constraint within Crossdocks'', 192, 1, European Journal of Operational Research.




        Journal Papers under review/revision (Selected)

  • "Molecular Search for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem", A. Lim, H. Ma*, B. Rodrigues, S. Tan and F. Xiao, 2nd revision, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal
  • "Constrained Warehouse Order-Picking With Picker Capacity And Depot Time Windows",  Y. Geng, H. Ma*, A. Lim, B. Rodrigues, revision, Transportation Research - Part E
  • "The Single Container Loading Problem with Axle Weight Constraints", A. Lim, H. Ma*, C. Qiu, W. Zhu, under review, International Journal of Production Economics




       Conference proceedings/book chapters (Selected)

IAAI 2007 (Vancouver, Canada), LNCS 4031 (IEA/AIE 2006, Annecy, France), LNCS 3982 (ICCSA 2006, Glasgow, UK), LNCS 3809 (AUAI 2005, Sydney, Australia)



       Awards  (Selected)

Innovation Applications on Artificial Intelligence Award, AAAI/IAAI, 2007