B.S. (1982) Lanzhou University, M.S. (1987) Zhejiang University, Ph.D. (1994) Zhejiang University, Post Doc. (1994-1996) Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG (Germany)
Research work

Research Interests: (1): Growth mechanisms of low-dimensional (nano) systems at atomic level: works related to heterogeneous growth, self-organization process on quantum systems, such as quantum wires, and quantum dot arrays. (2): Electronic structures and interaction of adsorbates on metal surfaces: works related to atomic and molecular adsorptions on metal surfaces, and the fundamental (interaction, physical and chemical) behaviors involved. (3): Hetero-structures of organic semiconductors: works related to preparation of hetero-structures of organic semiconductors, electronic properties, interaction at interfaces, and behavior of organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs).


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