Sijiang He’s Resume
Sijiang He was born in June 1962 in Nanling County, Wuhu, Anhui. He received Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering and Ph.D. of Economics respectively in Dept. of Mathematics in Anhui Normal University, College of Systems Science and Systems Engineering in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, College of Economics in Zhejiang University and toured Kanagawa University in Japan, Tamkang University in Taiwan for academic exchanges. He is now an associate professor and master instructor of Finance in College of Economics, Zhejiang University and works in part-time as a municipal policy advisor, an independent director of a rural cooperative bank and a key speaker in “Microfinance Leader Training Project” of Graduate School in the People’s Bank of China.
   His main research fields include: Financial Innovation and Financial Engineering, Development of Microfinance, Reproducible Technique of Micro-credit, Development of Agricultural Industrialization and Financial Support, Financial Support in New Rural Construction. Since 1996, he has published over 50 research papers in national journals such as “Journal of Finance Research” “Comparative Economic & Social Systems” “Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics” “The Economist” etc., edited 8 textbooks and monographs and held over 10 provincial and national projects, in which the research results of “Micro-credit to Micro and Small Enterprises” obtained the instruction of Miner Chen, vice governor of Zhejiang Province.
   He has won excellent party member, excellent class teacher, excellent moral teacher of graduate, excellent teacher of undergraduate for one time and excellent teacher of Zhejiang University twice. He has won advanced person of College of Economics for one time and “Top Ten” excellent teacher of Continuing Education Center, Zhejiang University consecutively for four times. Besides, he often makes special reports at “Theory, Policy and Practice of Micro-credit” “Positioning and Development of County Financial Institutions’ Business” “Modern Financial Development and Wealth Security” “Financial Engineering and Wealth Management” etc., invited by government and micro financial institutions such as small and medium commercial banks, rural cooperative financial institutions, small loan companies, etc..
Research work

Financial Engineering, International Finance, Financial Derivatives Research, Development of Microfinance.