Individual Resume
Hu Kexian born in January 1960, Cuannan Jiangsu. 1982 graduated from Xuzhou Normal University Department of Chinese literature, Bachelor's degree; 1999 graduated from Zhejiang University Department of Chinese literature, PhD; 2001, Nanjing Normal University  expiration of the Chinese post-doctoral stations. 2002 until now work in Zhejiang University. Currently as Professor of Chinese and PhD supervision at Zhejiang University. Between November 2005 and March 2006 to Osaka University senior visiting scholar. Main socio-part-time with Member of the Chinese Tang dynasty Literature Association, Du Fu Research Association of China, Chinese literature in teaching Association. Hu Kexian Was engaged in the Chinese ancient literature and the Chinese classical literature teaching and researching for a long time, dominated by the Tang and Song dynasties literature. Tang dynasty literature research that focuses on studies of "FOR Mdict", studies of Du Fu', studies of Du Mu, politics and literature of the Tang dynasty, unearthed bibliography and poetics of the Tang dynasty, Tang family and literary studies; Song literature research: focuses on poetry of the literature study, biographies of poets, etc.
Major works:
Studies of Du Mu draft, People's Literature Publishing House 1993;
Politics and Literature in the Mid-Tang Dynasty, Anhui University Press 2000;
Du Fu's Poetry Introduction, Anhui University Press 2003;
Political Change and Tang Poetry Evolution, China Social Science Press 2003;
Tang Great Historical Events and Literature Studies, Zhejiang University press 2007
The main papers (recent 5 years):
Excavated Documents and the New Vision of Tang Dynasty Literary History, "Literary Heritage" no. 1 2005;
Wang Bijiang Hand Installment of Selected Poems of Su Comment Annotations, "Literary Heritage" no. 1 2008;.
Six Lately Discovered Stone Inscriptions as Material of Research on Bai Juyi, "Documents ", no. 2, 2008;.
Account on the Order and Transfer of Bai Juyi 's Everlasting Regret , "Social Science Front", no. 5, 2008;
Research on the Elegy of the Newly Edited from the Epitaph in the Tang Dynasty, "Zhejiang University Journal",no.3,2009
Unearthed "Yuan Xian Epitaph " and Related Issues, "Tsinghua University Journal", no.4,2009;
A Study of the Newly Unearthed Epitaph of the Poet Liao Youfang of Tang Dynasty, "Sun Yat-sen University Journal",no.5, 2009
New Historical Materials of Poet 's Deeds in the Tang Dynasty , "Zhejiang University Journal",2001
Major research project (recent 5 years):
National Social Science Fund project  "Discovery Literature and Poetry of the Tang Dynasty," (2005)
National Social Science Fund project  "Literary Family and the Family of the Tang Dynasty Literature: A Study Based on a New Discovered Stone Inscriptions " (2010),
Ministry of humanities Social Science Fund project  "Family and Literary Research of the Tang dynasty " (2009)
National Universities Commission project  "Newly Unearthed Tang dynasty Poet Epitaph Text Arrangement and Textual" (2009)
main courses
History of Chinese Ancient Literature (undergraduate)
Studies of Tang Poetry (undergraduate)
Chinese Ancient Literature and Chinese Classics(master)
Studies of Li Bai and Du Fu (master)
Studies of Poetics (doctoral)
research area
Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Classical Philology
Research work

Chinese ancient literature and the Chinese classical literature teaching and researching