Teaching and Research                                                              
Lecturer at ZJU from 2007-2011
Associate Professor since 2012
The main international activities
Visiting murdoch universities in Australia as a scholar in Jul. 2008-Jul. 2009

The current research fields
Molecular physiology of stress tolerance in crop;
Plant germplasm evaluation, mainly in crop;
Research work

Current research: Rice is one the most important food crops in China and the world, especially in the developing countries. My current research thus focuses on mapping and function of important genes in rice. We have constructed several mutant banks and populations. The main traits of interest include seed size, stigma exposure and the architecture of rice. We are fine mapping more genes and confirm their function in the specific pathway during growth and development. Miscanthus is biomass crop with great potential in biofuel production. We have collected thousands of genotypes worldwide and had good collaboration with USA, Japan, and Korea. Recently, we focuses on figuring out the candidate genes associated with straw quantity in Miscanthus using genome-wide association study (GWAS).