148 Tianmushan Street,
The Department of History of Humanity School, Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 310028
P. R.China
1 1999-2002, The Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science. Ph.D.
2 1993-1996, The Department of History of Beijing Normal University. M.A.
3 1989-1993, The Department of History of Suzhou University. B.A.
1 January 16, 2010- , Humanity School of Zhejiang University.
2 September 1, 2002-July 16, 2009, The Institute of Religion, Science, and Social Studies of Shandong University.
3 July 1, 1996-August 31, 2002, The Department of History of Xuzhou Normal University.
January 25, 2005-January 24, 2006, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Visiting Scholar.
Research work

Major field: Early Chinese History. Courses for the undergraduate students: The Four Classical Books and Chinese Ethos. Studies on the Legends of Early Chinese History. Courses for the graduate students: Studies on the Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts. Several Topics on the Early Chinese Histoy. Published books of recent years: 1 New Studies on the Early Confucian Thought from Zisi through Mencius and the Early History of Yi-ology. (2009) 2 From Magic to Shushu (数术):the Historic Transformation of Early Chineses Spirituality. (2008)