Ph.D.  Nankai University, 2004.
      M.A. Shandong Normal University, 1991.
      B.A.   Hebei Normal University1988.
Teaching and Research Experiences
 1991.7-2006.2Hebei Normal University, Lecturer1993)、Associate Professor1998Professor2001)。
2004.9-2007.6, The Institute of International Relational ResearchNanjing University.
2006.2-2006.12The Institute of International Politics of Zhejiang University.
2006.12 to presentthe Department of History, Zhejiang University.
2007.9-2008.7Visiting Scholar in San Diego State University.
·         Book: The New Frontier of the American Culture: The Study of the Peace Corps During the Cold War, Chinese Social Science Press, 2005. 
·         Papers:
1.      National Endowment for Democracy and American Democracy Assistance, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 4/2010.
2.      The Peace Corps and American Cultural Diplomacy, Academia Bimestris, 3/2009.
3.      From “Trade not Aid” to the “ President’s Fund for Asia Economic Development,” International Relations Review, 2009.
4.      The Peace Corps and the Soft Power of American Diplomacy to the Third World, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 1/2008.
5.      The Adjustment of Foreign Aid Policy During the First Term of the Eisenhower President, Nankai Journal, 5/2007.
6.      From Point Four to the Peace Corps: The Transformation of American Foreign Aid Theory and Practice to Developing Countries, Journal of Historical Science,8/2005.
7.      The Historical Trend of the Peace Corps in the Post Cold War Era, World Economics and International Politics, 8/2002.
8.      Review of American Academic Circles’ Research into the Peace Corps, Historiography Quarterly, Vol.34, No.3, 2002.
Research work

1.Foreign Relations of the United States 2.The History of the International Relations