1999.9-2002.7.             Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University.  Hangzhou, 310028, China.
1996.9-1999.7.              Graduate student in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry,    Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, P. R. China.
1992, 9-1996,6.              Undergraduatestudent in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, P. R. China.
2004-present            Associate Professor in Institute of Organic Chemistry,  Department of Chemistry,  Zhejiang University.
             Ø        synthetic methodology of Organic synthesis: solid phase synthesis of heterocyclic  compounds and combinatorial chemistry,
          Ø        Synthesis and properties of organic functional compounds design and synthesis of novel water-soluble near infared sensor    molecules for biological application.
2009,9-2011,8    Visiting scholar in Professor Kevin Burgess’ group Texas A&M University.
    2002—2004     Postdoctoral research fellow with Professor Daoben Zhu . Laboratory of Organic Solids, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China.
  Ø     Synthesis and characterization of conjugated oligomer based on perylene tetracarboxylic dianhydride.
 Ø     Preparation, characterization of diethynlcarbazol macrocycles.
       Ø     Field effect transiation property of Poly-peri-naphlene
2002—1999     Ph.D. student with Professor Xian Huang, Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang    University, Hangzhou 310028, P. R. China.
   Ø          Preparation of the resin-bound cyclic malonic acid ester (polymer supported Meldrum’s acid
  Ø        Solid Phase synthesis of heterocyclic compounds based on the resin bound  cyclic malonic acid ester
  1999-1996        Graduate student withProfessor Jin-Xian Wang,
                       Department of Chemistry, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, P. R. China.
  Ø       Microwave-assisted copper (I) catalyzed coupling reation of aryl halides with terminal alkynes.
Ø   Microwave-assisted Heck type reaction in water.
Research work

Organic synthesis.