Professor Lou Hansong was born in July 1963, in Pujiang ,Zhejiang province . Graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of Hangzhou University in July 1983, afterwards he continued lecturing in the university. He studied for the graduate student degree under Professor Xu Shuofang from September 1990 and got his Ph. D. in Literature in June 1995. Professor Lou Hansong has successively held the posts of lecturer (1988), associate professor (1994) and deputy director of headmaster's office of Hangzhou University 1997.1-1998.9. After the establishment of New Zhejiang University ,he held the post of deputy director of bureau of humanities and social science1999.3-2008.1, and vice-president of Academy of Social Sciences2008.2-2009.4 .Currently he is the secretary of the Party committee and also deputy dean of School of Humanities, professor and doctoral supervisor of the department of Chinese language and literature.

Professor Lou Hansong has been engaged in the teaching and research of Chinese ancient literature for a long time and his main research field is study on classical Chinese fictions and dramas. As his representative monographs, From history to romance :Historical Narrative of Classical Chinese Vernacular Fiction and Annotations on Longevity Palace(chang sheng dian) have been published by the Commerical Press in 2008 and Sanmin Book Company Taiwan in 2003 separately. Besides, more ten research papers on classical literature have been published in journals both at home and abroad . What’s more, Professor Lou Hansong has presided over a number of research programs financed by the National Social Science Fund and planning projects of social science for. Zhejiang province . Also he gave lectures as visiting scholar and participate in academic meetings in foreign countries like Germany, Japan ,America and Malaysia.

From 2004, Professor Lou Hansong participated in the establishment of Asia-Pacific Leisure Education &Research Center Zhejiang University, and also held the post of deputy director, stepping into the research on leisure. In this new role, he organized International Leisure Fora in cooperation with the Office of Hangzhou World Leisure and World Leisure Organization, participated in the planning and assessment of the First World Recreational Expo. As the chairman of the work team on the project quality of life and leisure life of Hangzhou City for five consecutive years, he has composed several research reports, development plans and articles related to the development of leisure industry in Hangzhou. At the same time , Professor Lou Hansong offers the course History of Chinese leisure Thoughts for master students and doctoral students who major in leisurely of Zhejiang University.