Bachelor degree
Physics Department (Electronic Engineering), Hangzhou University, P. R. China,
Oct. 1978-July 1982;
Master degree
Physics Department (Optics), Zhejiang University, P. R. China
Ph. D. degree
OpticsEngineering, Zhejiang University, P. R. China
Sep.2000-June 2003
Since 1995, our research activity mainly focuses on generation of new optical beam. We obtained the third class award of National Technology Invention Prize of China in 1997. After that, our research interesting is of new hollow dark beams and their applications, especially vortex beam. We proposed a few new approaches to generate hollow beams and methods to analyze propagation of properties for hollow beams [Opt. Lett., 28, 13, pp1084-1086(2003)]. Moreover, we study radiation force of different beam on Rayleigh particles [Optics Express, 19, (2011) 9708-9713].
Since 2003, we begin to study laser cooling atom and its applications. Since 2006, we explore the application of precision measurement. We establish an experimental setup of atom interferometer. We realized cold atom fountain and obtained atom interference fringe. We developed some new technologies about Raman laser and long-term frequency stabilization system for external cavity diode laser. We achieved a few of interesting results.

       Since 1988, we have published over110 research articles, including in 3 Optics Letters, 2 in Optics Express and other kernel journals and 2 books. The total citations are about 210 with 80 in recent 5 years. We have obtained 3 invention patents and 3 practical new patents in China. We held “2010 International workshop on Gravitational Waves Detection with Atom Interferometry” in Hangzhou, China. The total research grants sum up to 10 millions in the past years.

Research work

Physics, Optics, Laser physics and technology, Cold atom physics