Dr. Liu ZhengWei was born in 1966 in Huaiyin city Jiangsu province. He admitted to major of History of Education at Hangzhou University in 1996 and received his Ph.D. degree of pedagogy at Zhejiang University. He started his post Ph.D. study at Nanjing Normal University in September 2001,and worked as a visiting scholar there. He left Nanjing for ZJU in 2004, where he has served since then. 
Now he is professor of education and Deputy Dean of College of Education in Zhejiang University, Deputy Director of National Centre for Curriculum of basic education in Zhejiang University, tutor of Curriculum and Teaching major in Master degree and Ph.D., he also tutors Ed.D. in School Curriculum and Teaching. He is former Deputy Director of Chinese department of HuaiYin Normal University, Chair of school curriculum and teaching program. And he was Director of Department of Education in College of Education, Zhejiang University, from 2005 to 2009.

Research work

With his academic background, his current research interests include: reformation of school curriculum, language education, Teacher education, history of education and so territory. He was listed by the Education Committee of JiangSu province as candidate of academic chairman of JiangSu’s University, and candidate of 151 scholars in 2nd session by ZheJiang province.


Phone:+ 86 571 88273473