Shuzhong Ma is a professor and Ph.D. supervisor of International Economy Department at the ZJU (Zhejiang University) School of Economics. He is currently Deputy Head of International Economics Department; Executive Director of International Business Institute at ZJU; Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Association of International Economy and Trade; Secretary-General of REOD (Center for Research on Regional Economic Opening and Development), one of the first key research bases of philosophy and social sciences in Zhejiang province.
Prior to joining the ZJU School of Economics faculty in May 2006, Professor Shuzhong Ma taught courses at the ZJU School of Management and currently teaches International Business Management for undergraduate students; International Agribusiness and International Business for postgraduates at the ZJU College of Economics. Shuzhong Ma served as a visiting faculty member at the College of Business & Economics at ANU (Australian National University) for one year in 2008.
Born in August 1968 in the Heilongjiang Province, Shuzhong Ma received his Ph.D. in Management from ZJU in June 2003, the economic master’s degree in 2000, and the technology bachelor’s degree in 1991.
His intellectual interests center on International Agribusiness, International Investment and Transnational Corporation.