Ph. D (Agro-biophysics), 1992, Zhejiang Agricultural University

M. Sc (Plant Physiology), 1989, Zhejiang Agricultural University

B. Sc (Biochemistry), 1984, Hangzhou University


Professional Experience

Assoc. Professor (1992-date) Zhejiang University

Visiting Assoc. Professor (1998.11-2000.11) NC State Uni & USDA plant research

Visiting Postdoc Fellow (1997.6-1998.7) U.C. Berkeley, Dept. Plant & Microb Biol

Research work

As a member of the molecular crop breeding group, my research will ultimately serve the goal of breeding new varieties and creating new material for crops (especially rice). The major focus is on plant stress (radiation, extreme temperatures, heavy metals, etc.) tolerance physiology and molecular genetics. Current projects include: physiology and molecular genetics of temperature-sensitive genic male sterility (TGMS) rice; molecular biology and physiological characteristics of heat-tolerant rice; retrograde signaling; development of low grain Cd accumulating rice. Coordinator for the day-to-day operation of “ZJU Rice Institute-Enterprise Association” for multi-site regional trial.