Dr Ni was born in Hangzhou, China. He is a professor of the College of Control Science and Engineering and the deputy director of the Institute of Advanced Integrated Circuit Technology. He received his bachelor degree from Zhejiang University in Control Science and Engineering in 2001, and his Ph.D degree from University of California, Los Angeles in Chemical Engineering in 2005. He joined Intel Corporation in 2005, served as a Staff Engineer in its Logic Technology Development business group in Portland, Oregon before he was enlisted with honor in the “Thousand Talent” program by the Chinese Central Government. He returned to China in 2013, currently serves as a professor in the Department of Control Science and Engineering in Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. Dr. Ni made significant contribution in the development of world’s first volume production process technology by Intel Corporation of Strained Silicon, High-k Metal Gate and 3D FinFET logic transistor technologies across 6 process nodes, he also received Intel China Award as an expat technical expert in 2010 for outstanding contribution and leadership in the startup, qualification and technology transfer of Intel’s first wafer fab Fab 68 in Asia. Dr. Ni has published many papers in renowned journals and conference proceedings in the field of automatic control and semiconductor manufacturing, and is a first author recipient of O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award from American Automatic Control Council.
Research work

Nanofabrication, Control and Optimization, Fault Detection and Classification