Education background:
09/1983-07/1987 Bsc on Ornamental Horticulture, Nanjing Agricultural University, China
09/1989-07/1992 Msc on Botany, Peking University, China
05/2004-03/2007 PhD on Plant Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Working experience
01/2014-, Professor, College of Landscape and Art, Jiangxi Agricultural University
10/2007-12/2013, Associate professor, Department of Horticulture, Zhejiang University
07/1987-05/2004, Teacher, College of Forestry, Shandong Agricultural University
06/2002-12/2002, Guest Scientist, Plant Research International, Wageningen University
11/1998-10/1999, Visiting Scientist, Plant Breeding Lab, Wageningen University
Teaching responsibility: 
Ornament Woody Plants, Introduction to Ornamental Plants, Landscape plants and Ornamental Horticulture
Research field:
Plant breeding and cytogenetics
International conference:
 1) 2009.8.31-9.4 “The XXIII international Eucarpia symposium (section ornamentals): colourful breeding and genetics”. (Leiden, The Netherlands)
2) 2010.8.30-9.3 “The 2nd international symposium on genus Lilium”,Pescia, Italy (Oral Presentation)
3) 2012.3.28-4.1 “XI International Symposium on Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials”, Antalya, Turkey
4) 2012.9.2-5 “XXIV International Eucarpia Symposium -Section Ornamentals”, Warsaw, Poland(Oral Presentation)
5) 2013.7.22-25 “AHSH annual conference”, Palm Desert, California, USA (Oral Presentation)
6) 2014.4.1-3“The 3rd International Symposium on the Genus Lilium, Zhangzhou, China (Oral Presentation)
Project leader:
(NSFC 31071821)
(NSFC 30971730)
2005.1-2007.12 用DNA重复序列的荧光原位杂交探讨百合属植物的核型演
(NSFC 30471222, 20w)
(浙江省科技厅钱江人才项目2010R10092 ,10W)
(绍兴东方百合组培研发有限公司, 30W)
Selected publications:
                   Shujun Zhou*, Guoliang Yuan, Ping Xu, Hongxia Gong. Study on lily introgression breeding using allotriploids as maternal parents in interploid hybridizations. Breeding Science 2014 (Accepted and in press)
Shujun Zhou*, Xin Tan, Liqin Fang, Jia Jian, Ping Xu, Guoliang Yuan. Study of The Female Fertility of an Odd-tetraploid of Lilium and Its Potential Breeding Significance. Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science 2013, 138(2):11-119.
Shujun Zhou *, Kehu Li and Guixue Zhou. Analysis of endosperm development of allotriploid x diploid/tetraploid crosses in Lilium. Euphytica 2012, 1843: 401-412  DOI: 10.1007/s10681-011-0609-5
Xianxian Zhang, Guiling Ren, Kehu Li, Guixue Zhou and Shujun Zhou *.Genomic variation of new cultivars selected from distant hybridization in Lilium. Plant Breeding 2012 1311: 227-230.
Shujun Zhou*, Guixue Zhou, and Kehu Li. Euploid endosperm of triploid diploid/tetraploid crosses results in aneuploid embryo survival in Lilium. HORTSCIENCE 201146(4): 558–562.
Shujun Zhou*, M. S. Ramanna, Richard G. F. Visser, Jaap M. van Tuyl.  Analysis of the meiosis in the F1 hybrids of Longiflorum x Asiatic (LA) of lilies (Lilium) using genomic in situ hybridization. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2008/35:687-695
Shujun Zhou, M. S. Ramanna, Richard G. F. Visser, Jaap M. van Tuyl. Genome composition of triploid lily cultivars derived from sexual polyploidization of Longiflorum · Asiatic hybrids (Lilium). Euphytica 2008/160: 217-215
Shujun Zhou, Rodrigo Barba-Gonzalez, Ki-Byung Lim, M.S. Ramanna, Jaap M. van Tuyl. Interspecific hybridization in lily: Interploidy crosses involving interspecific hybrids and their progenies. In Floriculture, Ornamental and Plant Biotechnology. 2008/V: 152-156
Shujun Zhou. Intergenomic recombination and introgression breeding in Longiflorum x Asiatic lilies (Lilium). Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2007/ISBN 90-8504-637-8
Zhou S-J, De Jeu M J, Visser R G F and Kuipers A G J. Characterisation of distant Alstroemeria hybrids: application of highly repetitive DNA sequences from A. ligtu ssp. ligtu. Annals of Applied Biology, 2003/142: 277-283
简佳,方李琴,谭欣,袁国良,徐萍,周树军*. 盆栽亚洲百合的杂交和染色体加倍研究. 农业生物技术学报2013,21(5):627-630
任贵玲,张线线,周树军*. 亚洲百合与青岛百合杂交及其FISH快速鉴定. 园艺学报 2012 , 393: 588-592
周桂雪,李克虎,张线线,任贵玲,郭方其,周树军*. 亚洲百合品种倍性、花粉育性及其杂交研究.园艺学报 2011384):733739
李克虎,周桂雪,任贵玲,张线线,郭方其,周树军*. 百合品种染色体倍性观察.园艺学报 2011385):970976
周树军*Jaap van Tuyl,臧德奎,夏宜平,李方。45S rDNA4种百合属植物染色体上的物理定位.园艺学报 2008/35:859-862
周树军*. 基因组荧光原位杂交区分百合回交一代的不同基因组. 园艺学报2003/304): 485-486  
周树军*.荧光原位杂交检测野生六出花(Alstroemeria aurea)染色体的命运园艺学报 2002/193):255-257


Research work

I am currently doing research on Lilium cytogenetics and breeding, including, 1) to make hybridization between different sections and/or diploid ploidy levels with cut style pollination and embryo rescue, 2) to detect intergenomic recombination and introgression chromosomes. The main results or findings include: 1)We have otained some triploid (LLA,OTT, OTO) and many aneuploid lilies. They look promising. 2)Male-sterile lilies, such as distant F1 hybrids and triploids, could used as maternal parents to cross with approriate paternals (Zhou 2008, Zhou et al., 2011, 2012, 2013). 3)New hypothesis,"Five same genomes of endosperm are essential for its development in Lilium hybridization", was proposed (Zhou et al., 2012). The new theory could well explain the success or failure of lily hybridization, and then, it can guide lily breeding.