Hui-liang Shen received his BEng and Ph.D. degrees from Zhejiang University in 1996 and 2002, respectively. His research interests are in the area of image processing, computer vision, and color information processing. He was a research fellow and post-doctorial fellow in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from Jan. 2001 to Aug. 2005. Then he joined the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University, where he is currently a professor. He has authored 1 book chapter and more than 30 papers in international journals and conferences. He is on the editorial board of The Open Optics Journal and is the reviewer for several international journals including Image and Vision Computing, IET Image Processing, Journal of Electronic Imaging, etc. He is conducting or has conducted 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects, 1 sub-project of national 973 program, and 2 large-scale oversea-collaborative project.
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Research work

Image Processing, Computer Vision, Color Science