Vice dean of College of Environmental and Resource Sciences,Head of Institute of Agricultural Remote Sensing and Information Technology in Zhejiang University.He has an undergraduate degree from Hangzhou University (1989-1993) and a MAgr degrees in soil science and PhD degrees in agricultural remote sensing from Zhejiang University (1993-1999). He was awarded the title of “New Century Talents in University” from the Ministry of Education of China in 2009. He specialize in the use of mathematical methods and information technology to measure and model soil in space and time to help increase productivity, reduce soil degradation and increase carbon storage. He is involved in research of pedometrics, proximal soil sensing, soil spectroscopy, and digital soil mapping. He has more than 100 international journal publications, won numerous awards of the Scientific and Technological Progress in China, and elected as the chair of working group of proximal soil sensing in IUSS. He has collaborated with more than ten international institutes and taken research activities at the University of Tokyo (2016), CSIRO (2013), Rothamsted Research and University of Cambridge (2005-2006), German Aerospace Center (2003), Dresden University of Technology (2001), Queen’s University of Belfast (2001, 2003) as a visiting scholar.
Research work

Pedometrics and spatial modelling, proximal soil sensing, digital soil mapping, geographical information system,remote sensing.