Recent Publications in English

Fu, S. and Hillier, J. 2018. “Chapter 8: Disneyfication or Self-referentiality: Recent Conservation Efforts and Modern Planning History in Datong.” In China: A Historical Geography of the Urban. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Fu, S. 2016. “Shan-shui myth and history: the locally planned process of combining the ancient city and West Lake in Hangzhou, 1896–1927”, Planning Perspectives, 31(4): 362-390. [Biennal IPHS East Asian Planning History Prize]

Fu, S. and Nishimura, Y. 2015. “Living culture and its changing reflection: A case study of West Lake in Hangzhou City.” In Revisiting Kathmandu: Safeguarding Living Urban Heritage, edited by Kai Weise, 89-98. Paris: UNESCO and UNESCO office in Kathmandu.

Fu, S. 2015. “Issues Related to our Understanding of Angkor Heritage.” In Project for Siem Reap/Angkor: Base Town of World Heritage Site,edited by APSARA Authority and Waseda University, 14-15. Tokyo: Waseda University

Research work

Planning History, Heritage Conservation, Urban Design, etc.