Shulin Zhuang is currently an associate professor of Zhejiang University. He joined the Colledge of Environmental and Resources Sciences in June 2010. His current research covers the environmental toxicology study of emerging environmental pollutants. Previously, He worked in Department of Chemistry,UBC as a postdoctoral research scientist. He received his Ph.D. within the field of chemical biology from Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University, China in March 2007 and received the Master within the field of organic systhesis from Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University, China in March 2004.




Research work

Our main research interests are the investigation of toxicity mechanisms of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs)using the combination of computational chemistry methods and in vitro and in vivo bioassay. For better risk assessment of environmental health hazards with higher efficiency, we perform high-throughput screening on various compounds. With the screened identified hazards, we probe the cascade of biochemical and molecular initiating events (MIEs) following a toxicological exposure and explore the possible transformation of CECs.