Dr. Huang Jian(Simon Jian Huang), Professor

Vice Director of  Chinese Culture and Literature Institute,ZhejiangUniversity  
Vice Director of Academic Division of Asia Pacific Centre for the Study of Leisure (APCL),ZhejiangUniversity 
 Vice Director of  Cultural Tourism Study Centre,ZhejiangUniversity 
Department of Chinese  College of Humanities, ZhejiangUniversity  
Xixi Campus, 148 Tian Mu Shan Road, Hangzhou, China  
Working Experience:
  Once having been one of the intellectuals designated to work in the countryside, a worker, a correspondent, an editor, a manager, now a professor in School of Humanities, Zhejiang University.
      Literature and Culture Studies in 20th Century China, Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture, Aesthetic and Culture Philosophy, Culture Leisure etc.
Several books such as Introspection and Choice, Exploration of Meanings, Literature and Life
More than 180 articles
Other Main titles:
Vice director of Center of Humanity Tourism, Zhejiang University
Vice President, Board Member of Association of Lu Xun Study
Standing Board Member of Association of Zhejiang Modern Literature Study
Board member of Association of Zhejiang Literature Study
Board member of Association of Zhejiang Contemporary Literature
Member of International Comparison Literature Association

1.The member of a Counci of China Luxun research Society

2.Permanent vice- president of Zhejiang Luxun research Society, China

3.Executive Director of Zhejiang Modern Chinese Literature, China

4.The member of a Counci of Zhejiang Literature Society, China

5.the member of a Counci of Zhejiang Contemporary Literature, China

6.The member of International Comparative Literature


1.Reflect on oneself and Choose

2.Exploration of MeaningLiterature and Life

Liang Zhe” writers and Modern Chinese Literature  


1.Luxun and Chinese Culture and Litrtature

2.South of the Yangtze River Culture and Modern Chinese Literature

3.17 years Literature in Chinese Contemporary Literature and re- construction of Modernity

Research work

1、Modern Chinese Literature Thought; 2、Regiona Culture and Regiona Literature; 3.Luxun study.


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