Dr. Lin received his B.S degree in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University in 2005 and received his Ph.D degree in the year of 2010 in Materials Physics & Chemistry supported by “The China State-funded Study Abroad Program” carried out by Zhejiang University and Georgia Institute of Technology . At 2010, Dr. Lin started to work with Andre Geim (2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics) in the area of two-dimenisonal materials as a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Manchester. After returning back to Zhejiang University, he co-operate with Prof. Limin Tong in the area of graphene optics and then started to organize his own research group and published several original papers in the area of graphene, SiC, ZnO and other two dimensional materials.
Dr. Lin is currently an Associate Professor in Zhejiang University. Prof. Lin focused on the original topics and initiated two research areas during his career: One is Sodium doped P-type ZnO and the other is two-dimensional ultrathin silicon carbide. Prof. Lin also has a deep insight into fabrication and Raman spectra study of Bilayer and Trilayer graphene, graphene based solar cell devices, graphene based flexible electronics, graphene-ZnO heterostructures. Prof. Lin has published more than 40 international peer-reviewed journal papers with over 600 times citation.
Research work

Novel optoelectronic devices and metamaterials based on Graphene and other two-dimensional materials, such as SiC and ZnO.