Dept. of Applied Geophysics, Changchun                                                                    1982-1985
-Assistant lecturer for teaching seismic exploration
Lab. of Geophysical Modelling in Dept. of Applied Geophysics, Changchun,         1988-1992
-Lecturer for teaching seismology and technical English to undergraduate students
-Researcher on seismic modelling work ( seismic data processing and imaging,
development of seismic software and ultrasonic physical model experiments)
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Durham,                                       1992-1993
-Academic Visitor (in acoustic impedance inversion and seismic data processing)
Lab. of Geophysical Modelling in Dept. of Geophysics, Changchun,                        1996-1999
-Associate Professor for teaching Applied Geophysics and Postdoctoral Research
Dept. of Geophysics, College of Geo-exploration and Information Technology,     1999-2001
-Professor for Engineering and Environmental Geophysics
Dept. of Geology, The University of Kansas,                                                                 2001-2002
-Visiting Professor (in near-surface geophysics)
Dept of Geophysics, Jilin University,                                                                              2002-2004
-Professor of Applied Geophysics
Dept. of Earth Sciences,                                                                                                   2005-present
-Professor of Geophysics